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Podiatry Services 

1st Consultation (inc treatment if time allows)                                        £33

Treatment                                                                                                £33

Therapeutic foot massage and joint mobilisation                                   £33

Podiatric Acupuncture                                                                            £33

Redressing                                                                                             £29

Biomechanical assessment with Dartfish Video gait analysis                £112

Cycling analysis                                                                                     £180

Pedar x in-shoe pressure testing                                                           £76

Footwork Pro pressure testing with printed report                                FREE  


Custom Podiatry Orthoses, Insoles and Footwear

(Note, we also stock a large range of off the shelf insoles and foot orthoses to accomodate all budgets)

Custom made insoles                                                  from   £70

Semi-custom Orthotics inc fitting                                from   £70


Custom made Orthotics including fitting

Podfo custom 3D printed foot orthoses                               £240

Carbon fibre custom foot orthoses                                      £160

Polypropylene custom foot orthoses                                    £140

Eva custom foot orthoses                                                     £120

"Options" Bespoke shoes                                           from   £160

Custom made Bespoke shoes                                     from   £550

NB examination, casting and review requires further appointments


All of our custom orthoses and shoes are manufactured by Peacocks at our head office in Newcastle, giving us ultimate control over product, no additional 'middle man' costs and the most comprehensive custom offering in the UK.  



Nail surgery & Electrosurgery from                                     £175

(Includes procedure, appointments

plus 5 redressing)



Orthotist consultation                                                       

Per session                                                                      £29


per session                                                                      £42

FAILURE TO ATTEND without 24 hrs notice               £10



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