Peacocks Medical Group installing hi-tech machine


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A NEWCASTLE medical supplies business is installing a hi-tech layer manufacturing machine as part of a multi-million-pound Europe-wide project to bring its products to the market more quickly.

Peacocks will use the machine to create devices to help people with foot or ankle problems, including those born with disabilities or who need help after operations or for sports injuries.
Managing director Chris Peacock said: “We’ve got the machine which will allow the rapid prototyping of orthotic devices – an orthotic device is essentially a device to help your muscles and tendons do what they’re supposed to, for instance a knee brace or a corset.
“There are not many of these machines in the UK and none of the others are for orthotics. The idea of this project is to bring rapid prototypes to market.”
The family-run company has built a new part of its factory at Benfield Business Park to house the machine.
Peacock said: “We’ve had to create a new part of the building to use it. It has to be temperature controlled. The machine has a chamber full of nylon powder and the laser fires in and it creates three-dimensional objects.”