Peacocks Podiatrist presents first poster at College of Podiatry Conference


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  • David Eardley standing with his poster case study for 3D printed orthotics in an elite runner

Peacocks Podiatrist David Eardley was the resident expert in 3D printed foot orthoses at the 2015 annual College of Podiatry conference and exhibition in Harrogate. After fighting off stiff competition, his poster was accepted by conference organisers and was well received by peers. 


David has had a number of successful case studies following the prescription of the 3D printed Podfo insoles that have been developed by Peacocks Research and Development team (which he is also contributes to with his clinical perspective)


David said "3D printing is just coming to the fore in our industry. I have been using Podfo with some of my clients over the last year, and they have benefitted greatly from the prescription. This poster is a case study of one of my patients who is an elite runner that was unable to run due to re-occurring injury."





Here is the abstract - the full poster can be downloaded below. 

3D printed foot orthoses prescription, a case study

Background: Historically foot orthoses have been manufactured using materials with  uniform properties. The only way to alter the forces under the foot was by changing the geometry or thickness and hence stiffness of the material. For the first time it has become possible to prescribe foot orthoses that don’t solely rely on geometric shape and uniform stiffness to alter forces under the foot.


Method: This is a case study of an elite runner suffering the onset of a repeat metatarsal stress fracture. Pressure readings were obtained prior to prescription. The prescription of a 3D printed foot orthoses allowed unique changes of the pressure pattern under the patients foot.


Results: There was a good subjective and objective patient outcome. The pressure readings obtained show how this technology can alter changes in pressure outcomes.


Conclusion: It is believed that this technology will facilitate improved therapeutic effect through orthoses design. This presentation will also introduce some of the methodology that is being developed in tandem with this technology.


Further information 

Podfo is a 3D printed custom foot orthoses designed and manufactured by Peacocks Medical Group. It has unparallelled levels of customisation for the proescriber. Podfo can be manufactured from a traditional cast, impression or a 3D scan.


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