BBC2's Employable Me generates overwhelming response


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  • Brett. Peacocks Employee

The BBC2 series Employable Me, which aired on 23rd March featured Brett, a 34 year old man with autism who has struggled to get a job. 

Since the programme went to air, Peacocks has been inundated with messages of praise and support from customers, friends and the general public, and we would like to say thank you to all of those who have written in. We are responding to all mesages we receive. 

Since its inception over 100 years ago, Peacocks has manufactured and supplied orthotic equipment to enable people to live more abley in society. We'd like to think that we have always seen through disability to the real person behind it, and as it says in the logo above our door, we are 'The Caring Compnay'. We live and breath this throughout the company, for the customers we serve within the NHS, the patients we treat and our staff who we value greatly.  

Brett is now working happily in our Computer Aided Design (CAD) team doing 3D modelling which is something that he expressed interest in from the outset. 

Here is Brett's speech, which he gave to company members about his experience of living with Autism and his experience at Peacocks.