Peacocks ‘OrthoPro’ software shortlisted for Bright Ideas in Health award


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This week it was announced that Peacocks ‘OrthoPro’ software had been shortlisted for the NHS ‘Bright Ideas in Health’ award under the category “Outstanding Industry Collaboration with the NHS”

What is OrthoPro?

OrthoPro is an ordering system developed by Peacocks to help streamline the order process, increase efficiencies and minimise errors.

Using modern tablet technology OrthoPro intuitively captures the functions and features of many bespoke orthotic devices including surgical footwear, ankle-foot-orthoses, custom made corrective insoles, below-knee splints, knee-ankle-foot orthoses, and specialised adaptions. 

Orthotists are able to very quickly create error-free prescriptions in clinic working LIVE with the patient with a visual element that allows the clinician to share images of their appliances before they are requisitioned. 

Once prescriptions are fully 'rendered' they can be printed out, in clinic, creating a valuable document to supplement existing patient notes.  For those NHS Trusts/Hospitals/Clinics that prefer, electronic copies of the prescriptions can be securely delivered over the HSCN network to administrators for electronic filing.

What benefit has it brought?

The digital process decreases human error, providing right-first-time prescriptions (unofficially supporting the NHS Get It Right First Time (GIRFT) Programme) and reducing reliance on 'interpretation' at the point of manufacture.

This leads to a reduction in the number of fitting cycles required - shortening the time to episode completion and patient discharge

Overall, the benefits brought by OrthoPro have allowed Peacocks to deliver very significant quality improvements, cost savings and reduced episode of care cycle times to the NHS.

Bright ideas in Health

Bright ideas in Health celebrates the achievements of those working within the NHS, industry and academia, who have risen to the challenge of finding ways of improving the service provided to patients, either through a technical innovation or through better service delivery.

We look forward to meeting other finalists and celebrating innovation within the NHS on 15th November.

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