Peacocks recognised for Orthotics Innovation by Global 3D Printing Company


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  • Scott Rader of Stratasys,  Steve Cook of Podfo and Chris Peacock of Peacocks holding Podfo 3D printed foot orthotics

Podfo, the revolutionary 3D printed foot orthoses developed by the Peacocks’ innovation team, received a welcome visit to Newcastle from Stratasys on completion of an exciting new partnership.

Chris Peacock, owner of Peacocks explained that he was delighted to be working with Stratasys, who are world leaders in 3D printing technologies.

“The relationship with Stratasys has been fostered in recognition of the clear benefits that Podfo’s uniquely designed 3D printed insoles offer, and we are really excited about the opportunity to reach global audiences”

Scott Rader (pictured far left) General Manager at Stratasys Medical Division flew over from America to consolidate the partnership, saying

 “In a field like medicine where customisation is key, our work with Podfo perfectly exemplifies how 3D printing produces highly specific solutions to improve a patient’s quality of life,”

“We’re putting the power of 3D printing to work with Podfo – delivering medical solutions that significantly improve clinical outcomes of the most complex foot ailments.”

Helping Global Audiences

This week (1st May), Stratasys released information of the partnership on their investors’ blog, stating

“Foot orthotics is a large and growing market - with analysts estimating the insole segment reaching $3.5 billion by 2020. Conventional manufacturing processes are unable to cost-effectively produce advanced design elements.

Aided by an additive manufacturing technique known as Laser Sintering, the Podfo line fills this void with a comfortable, tough, lightweight and thin orthoses customized to each patient's prescription and footwear. Advanced 3D printing technology enables creation of complex geometries and includes varying features within a single device - eliminating top-covers, glued-on pads or foams typically accompanying conventional methods.

"Solving tough design challenges and stimulating innovation are hallmarks of our customers' success," said Greg Reynolds, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. "Podfo is a perfect example of how millions around the world can now experience life-changing impacts made possible by 3D printing."

Podfo in the UK

Podfo is now available through most of Peacocks Orthotist-serviced NHS contracts, giving our customers and patients the very latest in foot orthoses. They are also available through a variety of Podfo Approved Providers, including Peacock’s own North East Foot Centre.

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