Peacocks Innovation makes Telegraph list of 70 ways to save the NHS.


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  • Telegraph comment piece on 70 ways to save the nhs in it's 70th year

Recently, a Telegraph article wrote,

“The NHS is facing more challenges than ever before as a growing, ageing population increases demand and puts budgets under strain. 

Last week, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Health Foundation predicted it would need an extra £2,000 per UK household over the next 15 years just to maintain provision at current levels. 

But as it enters its 70th year, a series of changes are being brought in – from advanced robotic tools to simple, common-sense measures – that could all add up to relieve financial pressures and improve conditions for 21st-century patients”

Saving the NHS? 

Working as a supplier to the NHS since it began, this is something that we at Peacocks are increasingly faced with. How do you reduce costs whilst maintaining levels of service and product? How can we help the NHS do more, for less?

One way we seek to evolve as a business is to foster a culture of continuous improvement and support innovative ideas. This could be via new methods of manufacturing - such as 3D printing -by staying ahead of the technology game, or by developing new ways of managing processes.

This week, Peacocks spin out company Podfo was featured at number 62 in the Telegaphs ’70 ideas to save the NHS’ list (a nod to the 70th anniversary of the NHS and challenges it’s facing) …….

62. 3D-printed insoles for comfort

Orthotics – insoles given to patients with foot, balance or posture problems – are being 3D printed to improve performance and fit. The Podfo insole, developed by Newcastle University, Glasgow Caledonian University and Peacocks Medical Group, is designed to fit comfortably in the shoe and can be washed in the dishwasher. Previously, insoles would deteriorate and require replacing every six months or would go unused as they were too uncomfortable or bulky to fit in normal shoes. The 3D-printed orthotics are being trialled at six hospitals in the UK.
(source - and full article - The Telegraph: 

Peacocks has, over the past 3 years gained recognition by the EEF and the Bright Ideas in Health awards for both technological and product innovations – and there is more on the horizon with our new clinic management software in the pipeline which is set to revolutionise how our customers manage their clinics. More on this coming soon...