Peacocks SME increases NHS Supply Chain offering


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In 2016 Peacocks were awarded on to the NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement to supply the Steelco range of Decontamination and Sterilisation equipment to hospitals throughout England and Wales.


The Agreement is comprehensive and includes Single Chamber and Multiple Chamber Washer Disinfectors for Local and Central Decontamination Units (CDU,LDU), Pre Cleaning Systems, Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER) and Drying and Storage Cabinets for Endoscopy Decontamination Units and Sterilisers for all market applications.


This week Peacocks SME senior management team attended a review meeting with representatives of the NHS Supply Chain at the Peacocks Head Office in Newcastle.


The review focused on sales through the agreement. In the first ten months of the contract (2017) Peacocks supplied machines of various modality with 2018, seeing a significant rise in Endoscopy machines being installed (AER’s and Drying and Storage Cabinets).

The review also provided Peacocks SME with the opportunity to offer additional incentives to customers using the Framework Agreement through Multiple Aggregate Purchasing, a scheme to attract additional discounts for bulk purchases.

Peacocks SME are actively collaborating with the NHS Supply Chain to offer AER’s and Sterile Services washer disinfectors at a discount to customers engaged through the Framework Agreement. For hospital Trusts that are able to work together to amalgamate their buying power, additional savings are available.

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