Launch of Clinical Graduate Programme


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  • Senior Orthotist who was part of the graduate programme scheme at Peacocks.

Peacocks Medical Group, has announced the launch of this year’s clinical graduate programme.
The company is attracting top talent from across the UK to build their careers in three locations nationally, as it develops its workforce of the future.
Jaska Stewart, Lavinia Nkomo, Maeve Cassidy and Elidh Geddes will join the graduate programme in July. 
Jaska will be working at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Lavinia and Meave will be at Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Elidh will be based across the NHS Foundation Trusts in the North East.
The two-year programme will offer the graduates a progression route into orthotics.
Each graduate has studied at either Salford or Strathcylde universities, the only two universities in the UK to currently offer a degree in prosthetics and orthotics. They will work alongside senior orthotists and will gain experience across a number of multidisciplinary teams.
Established in 1903, Peacocks is a multi-award-winning, family-run group, employing 140 staff, providing outstanding care in the delivery of both clinical services and medical equipment to the NHS and the private sector, nationally.
Operating across the UK, Peacocks provides orthotic clinical services, orthoses and custom-made footwear. Within these services it prescribes and provides devices that support, protect or improve the function of a limb or the torso.
Peacocks, is at the forefront of orthotic service, having achieved national and international recognition within the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) and the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotists (ISPO) for its expertise in specialities as diverse as orthopaedics, rheumatology, neurology, paediatrics, diabetes and spinal orthotics. It has more than 25 orthotists, who run clinics in hospitals and community healthcare locations across the UK.
Rachel Seller, HR and clinical director, said: “We want young people entering the company to be proactive in their thinking and be solutions-focused.
“From day one, they will each be assigned a mentor and a supervisor in a clinic, so they are supported as they gain hands-on experience and clinical competence, as well as gaining structured softer skills and business skills development. 
“As we future plan, we want to grow the team smartly and this will also include continued investment in new technology. Better ways of using systems will naturally increase productivity and it is crucial all new starters learn the multi-skills needed within the organisation and become more business aware by understanding data, having financial and commercial skills, as well as understanding the NHS environment and the needs of frontline staff.”
Jaska Stewart, said: “Having completed a two-week introductory placement with Peacocks, the family culture and friendliness of the team prompted me to apply for a post to begin my career as a graduate orthotist. The onsite factory, located at the company’s headquarters in Newcastle, provides me with the flexibility to work alongside technicians, so that I can benefit from their experience and knowledge of complex or specialist cases. 
“Whilst on my placement with Peacocks, I enjoyed travelling to community clinics and the team were all incredibly helpful and supportive, offering aid and advice when required. I chose Peacocks as I believe it provides the perfect environment for me to build confidence and experience, whilst assisting me in chasing my passion to become a specialised orthotist in paediatrics and musculoskeletal (MSK).” 
Peacocks has provided career progression routes for many of its employees, one of whom is senior orthotist, Scott McNab.
Scott, said: “I joined the company as a graduate in 2013, progressing to trust lead orthotist for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, sub-managing a group of six orthotists and working with the Trust on commercial aspects of its relationship with Peacocks.
“Throughout my career, Peacocks has worked to continually develop my clinical knowledge and to help further my professional skills as needed for each role I move into. It has actively provided me many opportunities to explore the world of orthotics beyond that of the day-to-day clinic.” 
Photo caption: Senior orthotist at Peacocks Medical Group, Scott McNab
Issued to the media by Sarah O’Mahoney, Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations