Running, walking and cycling gait analysis

Gait analysis

What is Gait Analysis? 
Gait analysis is biomechanical examination in which the practitioner determines the characteristics of that persons gait - or,  'the way they walk'.

We all have little anomalies & imperfections in our gait cycle, but other parts of the body compensate for them. Walking is a complicated process!

Gait 'imperfections' can cause problems either when we have joint, muscle, ligament or tendon soreness, or if another part of our body becomes overstressed due to compensation for an injury in another part of our body. 

Gait analysis is ideal for people who feel held back from doing the sport or other activity that they love to the best of their ability. This may be because of a reoccuring lower limb injury, joint pain, back pain or plantar faciiitis to name but a few. 

We always aim to get our patients back to walking, running or competing pain free and comfortably.



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Gait Analysis - 1 hour 15 minutes

For running or walking, we will undertake;

  • A thorough case history, including your injuries, training regime & goals that you are looking to achieve.
  • Static joint & muscle examination & testing.
  • Foot pressure analysis (using a foot pressure plate)
  • Video treadmill analysis
  • Footwear, insole and orthotic fitting or recommendations.

The key points of your analysis will be fed back to you along with recommendations and any follow up treatments. You will recive a report and cd mediabook.


Cycling analysis - 3 hours.

Cyclists are first examined as per the full gait analysis above.

This is essential to establish your optimum natural gait as we are not born with wheels!

This information is then used as a base to help interpret the cycling findings.

Using your our own bike, we will

  • Video you from different angles on a Cycleops jet fluid trainer
  • Assess all aspects of body positioning, considering optimum angles 
  • Assess frontal drag presentation
  • Make any necessary bike fit adjustments,
  • Recommend parts(see Bike fitting) if required,
  • Recommend any change to footwear, insoles or orthotics 
  • Use all the data gathered in consutation to produce a Dartfish cd containing all the video and measurements & crucially, recommendations & a treatment plan. 

Assessments are done dynamically so we can track key points throughout crank revolutions.


If required, we will also place PEDAR computerised in-shoe system insoles in your shoes to trace the pressures throughout each revolution. This is essential to see where the power is going. 

Where required we will include measurements of frontal body area & use a mathematical formula to give predicted times over a preset course in your different positions

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