Steelco DS50/2 DRS Benchtop Pass through dental washer disinfector

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Steelco DS50/2 DRS pass through washer disinfector is an efficient aid for the cleaning and thermal disinfection of all types of Dental Instruments and is Ideal for use in small Dental Practices of up to 3 Dental chairs. 

The Steelco DS50/2 DRS has a large usable chamber size which allows the processing of up to 20 dental cassettes (up to 200 small instruments such as probes and mirrors) and 8 dental hand pieces per cycle. 

Through using Steelco Dental Washer Disinfectors, the dental professional has only to load the washer and select the cycle: all the rest – pre-wash, washing, thermal disinfection, hot air drying – is provided by the machines. At the end of the cycle all the instruments are ready for sterilisation without any need for further handling.

The mechanical wash action developed by Steelco is one of the main elements for effective cleaning during the washing process. Steelco has customised the washing pumps and circuits of each model ensuring high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure. Also an efficient Hot Air Drying System (HEPA filter optional) facilitates the total elimination of remaining water both inside and outside the instruments ensuring that they are full dry and ready for sterilisation.

Customers for Steelco Washers include Hillingdon PCT, Derbyshire PCT, East Lancashire PCT, Central Manchester PCT, Ayrshire and Arran PCT, Lanarkshire PCT, NHS Borders and many others with quantities in hundreds 

Installation, service and validation is carried out by fully qualified Peacocks Engineers and Test Persons

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Steelco washers have all the components required for Full HTM01-05 & HTM2030 compliance

  • 5 stage cycle to include  pre-wash, wash, rinse, disinfection and forced air drying

Inner chamber manufactured from high quality AISI 316 stainless steel

  • Cleaned and maintained through wash process itself

Outer casing manufactured from high quality AISI 304 Stainless steel 

  • This prevents issues of chipping found with enamelled machines and allows effective cleaning of casing.

Wash process with multiple powerful wash arms above and below the load

  • Will remove all deposits from instruments including Hepatitis and CJD (which cannot be destroyed through sterilisation)

Thermal Disinfection up to 93°C for up to 10 minutes if required

  • Will reduce numbers of bacterial and fungal contamination to accepted A0 values

2nd Computer control board for independent data verification           

  • Monitors and records all parameters and will fail a cycle if any parameters are not met.

Two independent PT1000 temperature sensors

  • Provide verification of wash temperatures to 0.1°C

Dental Hand Piece decontamination

  • The Steelco adaptor (used in conjunction with the dental rack) allows a thorough cleaning of the internal channels thanks to the water circulation. Adaptors available for all hand pieces brands.

Detergent dosing System through flow meter control

  • Accurate to within 1ml
  • Able to be connected for central dosing of chemicals with level control and monitoring for sites with multiple washers.

Pump pressure sensor 

  • Monitoring of water flow rates to ensure correct filling of inner chamber for most effective washing

Paper and Digital recording available of data produced for records

  • Both a printer and data logger can be fitter together on each machine with the ability to link multiple machines to a surgery network to download data direct.


  • Dimensions - W632 x D562 x H535mm
  • Capacity - up to 20 dental cassettes / 200 instruments + instrument basket
  • Dental Chairs - 1 to 3



  • PAVO DS - a specially formulated aqueous alkaline instrument cleaner  for use in Steelco washer disinfectors
  • PAVO Neutral - a specially formulated pH balanced detergent for use in Steelco washer disinfectors


  • PAVO DeScale -  a specially formulated aqueous de-scaler for use in Steelco washer disinfectors

For orders please contact - or call 0191 2769605

Loading Options

Standard Rack

  • 20 dental cassettes (200 instruments) + large instrument basket (forceps, etc)
  • 10 dental cassettes (100 instruments) + mirror basket + large instrument basket (forceps, etc)
  • 10 dental cassettes (100 instruments) + 4 x smalll  instrument  baskets + large instrument basket (forceps, etc)
  • many more combintations

Dental Rack

  • 8 dental hand pieces + 20 dental cassettes (200 instruments)
  • 8 dental hand pieces + 10 dental cassettes (100 instruments) + mirror basket + large instrument basket (forceps, etc)
  • 10 dental cassettes (100 instruments) + 2 x smalll  instrument  baskets + large instrument basket (forceps, etc)
  • many more combintations

Please visit the accessories page within the Dental decontamination section to view the multiple accessory options