Steelco ED100 Endoscope Drying / Storage Cabinet

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Warm sterile air is used to blow through each internal channel and over all surfaces to rapidly dry both the inside and outside of the flexible endoscopes while they are in the cabinet. This ensures that endoscopes are well ventilated at all times.

The endoscope internal channels are connected to the drying circuit through specific quick connectors.

Up to 9 endoscopes can be stored at a time in mesh baskets with lower trays for water dripping.

The process allows the storage of endoscopes up to 72 hours after full washing and reprocessing with no need to reprocess them again.

The Steelco ED100 cabinet utilises the C961 Removable mesh basket which is utilised by the C256 Transport Trolley and the C559 two level wash cart for the EW2.

Models Available

  • ED100/1 - Single cabinet with single door
  • ED100/2 - Single cabinet with double pass though doors


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  • Capacity: up to 9 endoscope net baskets 460 mm width x 520 mm depth (18.11” x 20.47”). With lower tray to prevent cross contamination from water dripping.
  • Supplied as standard version with 8 net baskets and 8 fast air connections for endoscope instruments.
  • Frame and panels in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Door made in HST temperate glass. Glass lockable doors are reversible and therefore can be configured right or left opening also during installation.
  • Single or double interlocked doors pass through versions. Double door version opening depends on control panel. Single door version can be key locked.
  • High level HEPA H14 air filtering
  • 3 programmable cycles


  • Dimensions - W710 x D846 x H1900mm
  • Capacity - up to 9 endocopes in mesh baskets
  • Storage - up to 72 hours validated storage

Optional Features

  • Indirect UV air treatment 
  • Integrated printer
  • Cabinet equipped with 9 shelves and endoscope connections

File Downloads

  • Steelco ARES / Endoscopy Brochure
    Steelco ARES rev04.pdf
    Steelco product brochure on the whole Steelco endoscopy range including AERs & drying cabinets