Steelco EW1 Benchtop Endoscope Washer / AER

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The Steelco EW1 endoscope washer disinfector is able to decontaminate either 1 flexible endoscope or up to 3 video bronchoscopes of all types and brands.

The compact bench top design allows a much greater flexibility with positioning, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water, chemicals and energy.

Its compact design provides smaller endoscopy clinics the ability to still process endoscopes of all types and makes while not taking up the space of a full AER.

The integrated monitoring system assures a higher level of safety by detecting disconnected and obstructed channels automatically.

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  • Compatible and tested with peracetic acid (cold disinfection).
  • 3 level service menu, protected by password (installation, service, user)
  • Integrated endoscope channel monitoring system with 2 independent sensors.
  • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly.
  • Disinfection of final rinse water using a 2 stage high level microbiological filter system (0.45μm and 0.1μm).
  • Inbuilt drying system with HEPA H14 sterile air filter.
  • Thermal self-disinfection cycle according EN ISO 15883-4.
  • The use of Steelco chemicals for cleaning and disinfection guarantees highest microbiological efficiency and documented results in the instruments biofilm removal.
  • Control panel “soft touch” with LCD color display with highlight of remaining time to cycle completion.
  • Batch data information can be stored on a Memory stick connected to the integrated USB interface or alternatively printed by the thermal printer.



  • Dimensions - W600 x D600 x H595mm

Optional Features

  • Light inside chamber
  • 3rd chemical dosing pump 
  • External printer
  • Water softener 
  • Shelving to support two EW1 A.E.R. 
  • Stainless steel base for storage of process chemicals

Loading Options

C566 - Flexable Endoscope Basket

Basket for decontamination of muti-channel flexible endoscopes up to and including colonoscopes & gastroscopes. The rack insert allows the proper placement of the endoscopic instrument, avoids overlapping points, places the connection tube and the distal tube in a constant slope to facilitate the natural drain of fluids from the channels.

C569 - Video/fibrobronchoscope Basket

Basket for decontamination of either 1 video bronchoscope or up to 3 fiberscopes / cystoscopes with separate control

C570 - Rigid Endoscope Basket

Basket for decontamination of up to 6 rigid endoscopes (max length 450mm) with luer loack connections. The EW1 also allows the rigid endoscopes to be thermal disinfected.

File Downloads

  • Steelco EW1 / Endoscopy Brochure
    Steelco EW1 rev00.pdf
    Steelco EW1 Brochure covering the Steelco EW1 Bench Top endoscopy washer