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The Steelco EW2 is able to process 2 flexible endoscopes through a 30 minutes fully automatic washing, disinfecting and purging cycle. There are additional rack options available for the processing of up to 21 rigid endoscopes and also up to 4 cysto / bronchoscopes or 8 nasendoscopes.

Self Disinfection

The Steelco EW2 is able to self disinfect through the use of a third chemical or by thermal disinfection where the temperature of the chamber, hydraulic circuit and even the water filters is raised to 90°C and held for the required time.


The Steelco EW2 is compatible with all makes and models of endoscope including echoscopes such as T.O.E. / T.E.E. or E.U.S. Scopes through a Steelco developed patented system.


The machine works with the principle of chemical disinfection using a chemical formulation of Peracetic Acid from Dr Weigert. This disinfectant has compatibility with all scope manufactures and hazards are eliminated through the use of a safe, lockable and easy to use chemical storage and dosing system.

Leak Test

The Steelco EW2 has dedicated leak test channel, pumps and sensors to provide a continuous leak test monitoring throughout the entire wash process. This means that should a leak occur at any stage of the wash process the Steelco EW2 will detect it and end the cycle at that point preventing any possible damage to the internals of the scope.

Independent Monitoring

The Steelco EW2 has True Independent Monitoring system through the use of a second computer control board and independent sensors

Track and Trace

The Steelco EW2 has full traceability of all required information and can be integrated with any Track and Trace system required. 


Steelco machines have data encrypted records of 98% uptime for their machines. This same standard is incorporated in to the Steelco EW2.


The Steelco system with its multiple rack types allows a greater flexibility enabling it to not only process the largest possible range of endoscope within on AER but also to function in combination with other manufactures equipment such as drying cabinets.

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  • Compatible and tested with peracetic acid (cold disinfection)
  • RFID detection of the process chemicals
  • User and instrument recognition through bar code reading system or RIFD (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • Precise endoscope channel-check (up to 7 channels) with two independent monitoring systems through pressure and flow measurement.
  • Leak test at the beginning of the cycle and continuous monitoring during all cycle phases with automatic cycle stop in case of anomaly.
  • Dedicated individual pumps, pressure and flow control for each endoscope channel.
  • Individual pressure and flow channel control system with data logging during the whole cycle.
  • Self thermal disinfection cycle at 90°C as required from the UNI EN ISO 15883- 4 rule including endoscope basket and connections.
  • Disinfection of all the water used in the process with a two stage high level water filtering (0,5 μm and 0,1 μm filters) for endotoxin removal.
  • Complete cleaning and disinfection cycle time of 2 flexible endoscopes in 30 minutes.
  • The use of Steelco chemicals for cleaning and disinfection guarantees highest microbiological efficiency and documented results in biofilm removal
  • Integrated sterile air filter for channel leak test, purging and drying.
  • Data logging of all program data and instrument parameters, graphically visualised as a curve.
  • Large colour LCD touch screen display for easy machine operation and endoscope/operator database management.
  • Complete documentation on integrated printer or to PC/hospital server with SteelcoData software.


  • Dimensions - W860 x D710 x H1690mm (an additional 300mm is required to the left of the loading side for maintenance access)

Optional Features

  • Drain pump - Conductivity sensor - Light inside the chamber - Remote control assistance
  • RFID sensor for instrument/ operator recognition
  • Bar code reader for instrument/ operator recognition
  • Steelcodata software for data management and devices remote monitoring
  • Increased total power for reduced disinfection cycle time
  • Oil free medical air compressor

Loading Options

C558 - Rotating Scope Insertion Tube wash cart

The Steelco Patented rotating wash cart for flexible endoscopes has been developed for ergonomic general operation and also for use in areas with restricted space.

The rotation of the cart allows the operators to position the wash cart in and 360° alignment to better thread the endoscope into the insertion tube at a position and angle which is comfortable for them making the connection of the channels much easier.

A one way locking device aligns the cart for a proper working position and prevents movement during the wash cycle

The double scope insertion tubes ensure the safe storage of the instrument during the process and a complete disinfection / sterilisation of the external surface of the endoscope.

Each insertion tube contains a perforated inner tube which is held away from the outer tube at various points along its length. This Dual tube system with additional components prevent a “water slide” where the water just runs down the bottom of the outer tube. 

The patented Steelco system creates a vortex action in the water channel into each insertion tube which swirls around the external surfaces of the endoscope, lifting it off even the perforated inner tube ensuring that no shadowing occurs at any point on the surface of the endoscope.

C559 - Two Level wash cart

Steelco has manufactured a 2 level basket that allows the simultaneous treatment of 2 flexible endoscopes which can also be easily used in areas with restricted space.

The removable trays can be used for the no-contact transportation of the endoscope to both the Steelco ED 100/200 cabinets and other manufactures cabinets for drying and storage.

The accessory C565 prevents the endoscope overlapping at any point / shadowing and positions the connection tube and the distal tube in a constant slope to facilitate the natural drain of fluids from the channels.

C559 - TOE / TEE wash cart 

Steelco utilises it 2 level basket to allow simultaneous treatment of 2 TOE / TEE endoscopes with the use of 2 Steelco SAFE CASE's.

With the Steelco SAFE CASE the electronic control and connection cable are placed inside a hermetic sealed case and isolated from the distal tube that requires a complete washing cycle and a high level non thermal disinfection.

The whole package can be placed inside any endoscope washer disinfector where an automatic, compliant and validated reprocessing cycle can be executed.

This is to be used with a 2 level cart such as the Steelco C559 to allow the simultaneous treatment of 2 transesophageal probes.

C560 - Video bronchoscope / fibrobronchoscope wash cart 

This wash cart is for the simultaneous treatment of: 4 videobronchoscopes / cystoscopes or 8 fiberscopes / cystoscopes with separate control.

This innovative system allows fantastic money saving though the processing of a greater number of scopes per cycle, but still in the greatest safety.

C563 – Rigid Endoscope wash cart

This wash cart is for the disinfection of up to nr. 20 rigid scopes with luer lock connection for washing.

In accordance to the UNI 15883/1 guideline and in line with greener approach through the reduced use of chemicals to disinfect scopes, Steelco recommends to utilise a thermo-disinfection process for all reusable medical devices that can be high temperature treated. 

The Steelco EW2 endoscope reprocessor is equipped to run a standard thermal disinfection cleaning program.

C568 - Endoscope Storage Cassette wash cart

This wash cart is used to decontaminate nr. 2 endoscope storage cassettes as utilised by the Steelco Transport Trolley and the Steelco Drying / Storage cabinets

File Downloads

  • Steelco ARES / Endoscopy Brochure
    Steelco ARES rev04.pdf
    Steelco product brochure on the whole Steelco endoscopy range including AERs & drying cabinets