Medical Waste Treatment

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As concern grows about the environment and legislation becomes increasingly strict, it is vital that hospitals have alternatives to incinerator systems for treating the special bio-contaminated waste (SBW) they generate.

The Matachana 80 LR-1 RBE, SC500 RBE, S1000 RBE and S2000 RBE Series sterilizers can be adapted to every need according to the generated waste.

These units use a "clean" treatment system: the air extracted during the process and the generated liquid waste are treated using a special technique, which, supported by a microcomputer control unit, ensures they are completely aseptic and that no contamination escapes into the atmosphere.

The range of Matachana Medical Waste Treatment sterilisers are designed to treat the Orange category of Infectious waste - Indicative treatment/disposal required is to be “rendered safe” in a suitably permitted or licensed facility, usually alternative treatment plants (ATPs).

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