Matachana SC1000 RBE Medical Waste Treatment

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The high versatility and operational simplicity of the SC1000 RBE turns into the ideal steriliser to treat medical waste or bio contaminated samples in hospitals, medical centres, laboratories and research centres.

Aware of the problems currently facing hospitals and research centres, Matachana has developed an integral system that takes care of the whole biocontaminated waste cycle.

  • The classification and collection of the Orange Stream waste in suitable receptacles at the places where it is generated
  • The transportation flow within the hospital and its treatment in the steriliser have all been throughly studied to produce a system that is simple and easy to install
  • The sterilisation process will automaticall convert the special waste into urban / domestic grade waste
  • The post sterilisiation process will reduce the volumne of waste treated

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Some of the most important features of the S1000 RBE:

  • Chamber and jacket made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • Encircling jacket that grants the absence of cold spots inside the chamber
  • Automatic sliding vertical doors (electric activation and safety locking and stop systems).
  • Chassis made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Vacuum system by means of ejector (Venturi System) with recirculation water pump and economizer thank: low maintenance, silent and effective.
  • Connection of steam pipes by Clamp system
  • Water saving cooling sytem
  • Independent water tanks with cooling coil for recovering heat from condensates
  • Mechcanised door gasket groove for a longer gasket life and easy maintenance
  • Alphanumeric digital printer to obtain data on the sterilization process.
  • PC communication
  • Loading structure and stainless steel tray
  • Air and condensates treatment system


S1006 RBE model

  • Single / double door - H1,954 x W996 x D1,290mm
  • Capacity - 445 litres

S1008 RBE model

  • Single / double door -  H1,954 x W996 x D1,590mm
  • Capacity - 565 / 578litres

S1010 RBE model

  • Single / double door -  H1,954 x W996 x D2,030mm
  • Capacity - 775 litres

S1012 RBE model

  • Single / double door -  H1,954 x W996 x D2,290mm
  • Capacity - 892 litres


Standard Waste Treatment

  • SBW1 (134° - 20 min)
  • SBW" ( 134° - 30 min)

Test programs

  • Vacuum test
  • Bowie & Dick