Steelco DS600 M Transportable Military Washer Disinfector

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The Steelco DS600 M has been tested by the US Department of Defence for Shake test complying - The machine fully complies with shake test MIL-STD 810G.


The “easy transport” concept

Easy assembling/disassembling

The machine can be transported and stored in two detached pieces and easily reassembled thanks to quick hooks. The machine door is equipped with reinforced locking system for air transportation.

Fast connection

The two modules of the machine are connected to each other with: power fast connector, chemical fast connectors, and electrical/electronic fast connectors

Safe storage

The machine can be stored even with extreme temperature conditions thanks to a self-emptying program which completely drains liquids from all the machine pipes and connections.

Military components

Protected electronic boards with military components.

Safe machine accessories transport

Packing of carts and inserts is carefully engineered to assure safe transport with no damage risk at all.


The washer is packed in a modular transport container equipped with specific safety fittings.

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  • Inner cabinet, washing arms and tank filters made of high quality AISI 316 L stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows to the user a convenient loading/unloading height with the support of a manual loading/unloading trolley.
  • DS600 M can be used also as a pass-through hatch.
  • Doors are provided with glass windows for viewing of decontamination process.
  • RS 232 port is provided with printer connection for monitoring and validating washing phases. A printer for normal (non-thermal) paper is available.
  • LCD display with 20 standard programs for surgical instruments and 20 additional custom programs are available.
  • On board main switch with electromagnetic protection.
  • Washing and DI disinfection temperature are fully adjustable up to 93°C. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.
  • Low water consumption.
  • Filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature settings, helps to ensure the complete inside and outside drying of all the surgical instruments and tubes.
  • Standard steam condenser avoids vapours to enter into the washing area.
  • Heavy washing auto cleaning pump ensures high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.
  • Triple water filtering system captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.
  • Washing/drying injection system.
  • Pneumatic drain valve.
  • Two standard automatic liquid dispensers provided with level control. One more dispenser is available.
  • Storage capacity: up to three 5 lt. chemical canisters provided with level sensor, flow meters, additional caps, and quick connection to the machine.


  • Assembled dimensions - W660 x D770 x H1665mm
  • Upper unassembled dimensions - W660 x D770 x H1065mm
  • Lower unassembled dimensions - W660 x D770 x H500mm + H100mm supports (separate)


  • 8 DIN 1/1 baskets
  • 24 dental hand pieces
  • 2 large containers with lids
  • 24 theatre shoes / clogs (12 pairs)
  • 8 MIS & 8 luer lock connections

Optional Features

  • 3rd Chemical dosing pump
  • HEPA H14 air filter
  • Integrated printer

Loading Options

C818 Multi-function basic cart

This multi-function basic cart is the core of the washing system.

It allows the user to choose amongst a wide range of different inserts which are used to adapt the cart to the specific use the operator requires at any given time.

The C818 cart has 4 washing and drying connections which are normally closed. These connections are opened and activated through adding any of the inserts below.

Total safety

  • Automatic identification of the inserts and data/printer connection for traceability
  • The automatic identification of the insert ensures the selection of the correct washing cycle.
  • Automatic cycle start through magnetic code reading.
  • RS 232 data/printer connection.
  • Multi-function basic cart inserts


Four levels instruments wash cart provided with 3 washing arms on removable shelves. 

Size: W535 x D585 x H460mm Capacity of 8 DIN 1/1 net baskets or 4 SPRI I 


Removable shelf provided with washing arm.


nr. 2 containers insert with lids (W150 x D600 x H300mm or W300 x D600 x H300mm.)


Dental hand pieces instrument insert with 24 positions.


MIS insert provided with 8 MIS connections & 8 luer lock connections


24 Theatre shoe / clog insert (12 pairs)