Steelco US1000 Sterile Services Ultrasonic Washer

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The Steelco US1000 has been designed to conveniently integrate surgical instruments ultrasonic cleaning function into an automated CSSD reprocessing solution.

It is connected to an automatic loading/unloading system of racks coming from a pre-wash machine and progressing to an ATS (automatic transfer system).

The US1000 is equipped with an automatic cart elevator with a capacity of up to 15 DIN 1/1 net baskets

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  • Washing chamber made of stainless steel AISI 316 L.
  • Automatic HST temperate glass sliding doors.
  • Ultrasonic power 4000w – 38khz, with radio frequency interference filter and power control from 0 to 100% included.
  • Automatic chemical dosing pump and flow meter for chemical validation. Minimum chemical level control with alarm.
  • PLC microprocessor control with high storage capability for washing programs.
  • Touch screen colour display interface allow complete indication of machine function and residual cycle time highlight.
  • Auto diagnosis function for an easy technical support.
  • Ethernet connection.


  • Dimensions - W1250 x D1020 x H1930mm (H2360 with Door open)
  • Tank Dimensions - W760 x D820 x H800mm
  • Tank Capacity - 350 lt
  • Basket Capacity - 15 DIN

Optional Features

  • Control of the ultrasonic system efficiency for the cycle validation.
  • Integrated system for automatic chamber disinfection available in two versions:
  • Chemical Disinfection - independent circuit for the chamber rinsing through an upper rotating arm connected to a disinfectant dispenser.
  • Steam Disinfection- with steam at 90°C / 194°F for 60 seconds checked by an independent temperature probe control.
  • 2nd chemical pump for disinfectant products
  • Communication Software for supervision
  • Light inside the chamber