Steelco US200 Sterile Services Ultrasonic Bath

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The Steelco US200 comes in a variety of models of either a Single Tank or Double Tank and isutilised for the treatment of reusable medical devices and rigid endoscopes.

It combines a stainless steel cleaning  tank with industrial style transducers and a powerful ultrasonic generator to provide the strongest table top cleaning available. It gives the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation.

  • A DIN tray basket support and cover are included in the base unit. It meets CSA and UL requirements.
  • Critical process parameters such as temperature, ultrasonic power and time are monitored & recorded achieving compliance to the international standards.
  • Pneumatic lift of the baskets with a security device.

The baskets automatically sink by pressing cycle start and are automatically lifted at the end of the cycle (no physical operation is required).

Water recirculation through luer lock connections during the cycle - 2 luer lock connections for each level giving a total of 6 luer lock connections

Models Available

  • US200/1 - Single Ultrasonic tank with storage cabinet as a single unit
  • US200/2 - Double Ultrasonic tanks
  • US200/3 - Single Ultrasonic tank & Single Rinsing tank

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  • Washing tank made of stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • External body made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • LED display and timer for cycle control
  • Automatic tank filling and water control level.
  • Pump for automatic chemical dosing.
  • Automatic minimum level of chemical control with alarm.
  • Ultrasonic power 1200W with filter for radio frequency interference and power control from 0 to 100% included.
  • Operation frequency modulation to avoid neutralization areas of the ultrasound effect.
  • Standard Ultrasonic frequency 38 kHz, other frequencies on request.
  • US 200/3 rinsing tank is provided with water spray nozzles and Luer Lock connections water circulation


  • Dimensions - W1500 x D700 x H950mm (H1270mm when loading)
  • Tank dimensions - W600 x D350 x H345mm
  • Basket capacity nr. 3 DIN 1/1 net baskets each tank
  • Luer lock connections: nr. 6 each tank ( 2 per level)

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