Ultrawave Hygea 5000 Sterile Services Ultrasonic Bath

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The Hygea 5000 has been designed to clean hollow lumen instruments and rigid scopes used during operating theatre procedures, and combines Ultrawave power and reliability with full process validation, allowing for easy traceability, an area which is now vital in instrument reprocessing.

The Hygea 5000 also has the capability to clean any surgical instrument which has been used for a surgical procedure. The instruments can be placed into the basket and will undergo the same rigorous cleaning action, ensuring serrated edges and hinge joints are completely decontaminated.

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Process Validation 

The integrated process validation and printout provide a permanent record for every aspect of the cleaning cycle. The touch screen control panel allows easy functionality and usability.

  • Date and Time Validation
  • Operator
  • Location
  • Unique Cycle number

The unit also validates each stage of the cleaning  process including:

  • Flush Cycle 
  • Cleaning Cycle
  • Rinse Cycle
  • Temperature
  • Detergent Dosing

Peacocks also offer a full service contract for the Hygea 5000. This includes quarterly validation checks and a full service in order to ensure it remains working at optimum efficiency throughout its life.

Ultrasonic irrigation

The Hygea 5000 is supplied complete with a basket assembly and a manifold kit which allows a range of hollow lumen surgical instruments to be connected and subject to ultrasonic irrigation. The Hygea 5000 basket has dimensions of 625x300x90mm and up to 24 instruments can be connected and cleaned at one time.


  • Dimensions - W1140 x D5500 x H110mm
  • Tank dimensions - W655 x D320 x H180mm
  • Tank capacity  - 30 lt
  • Luer lock connections -  24 cannulated instrument connections