Steelco AD400 Instrument, anaesthesia bags and hanging hoses mixed drying cabinet

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The Steelco AD400 cabinets for drying of surgical Instruments & anaesthesia bags & hoses.

They are available in single door or double door pass through versions with glass doors for a rapid visual inspection of the stored items.

Separate drying of anaesthesia and various special instrument accessories increases the throughput of a washer disinfector by a third as drying cabinets can be loaded with the volume of up to two washer disinfectors.

Lockable doors are reversible and configurable right or left opening also during installation.

Models Available

  • AD400/1 - Single Door
  • AD400/2 - Double Door pass through 

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  • Insulated double walled AISI 304 stainless steel construction that ensures the exterior surface temperature does not exceed 49°C. Temperature of tempered glass door does not exceed 49°C.
  • Visual “open door” indicator. Lockable door.
  • LED display, programmable for °C and °F, provides control and heater-on information for easy serviceability.
  • Temperature and time settings are password protected to prevent unauthorised changes.
  • Drying temperature settable from ambient to 80°C (176°F). Temperature alarms are disabled when door is open and for the time required to equilibrate temperatures in cabinet after door is closed. Temperature setting from 1 up to 999 min or continuous. Once the selected temperature is attained, it will be controlled throughout within 5.5°C of the selected temperature. Overheat protection will shut the heater off with audible alarm for operator
  • Indirect UV air treatment during the whole cycle - optional.
  • Drying circuit with double fan combined with fast connectors - optional.
  • Flashing air flow visual alarm indicators if either drying circuit fails.
  • Air flow alarm with re-settable audible alarm, (flashing alarm indication remains until the air flow is restored).
  • HEPA filtration on drying circuit. Monitoring for HEPA filter and indicator on panel advising when replacement is required.
  • Control components positioned in top front position for convenient service access. Easy removal of fans, heater elements and control boards.


  • Single door model dimensions - W710 x D790 x H1930mm
  • Double door model dimensions - W710 x D840 x H1930mm


  • up to 3 AN cassettes for a total capacity of 36 anaesthesia hoses 
  • and up to 9 DIN baskets


  • up to 18 anaesthesia bags
  • and up to 9 DIN baskets

Optional Features

  • nr. 8 or 9 air fast connections 
  • extra shelves with rails 
  • UV air treatment 
  • Humidity sensor 
  • Printer