Fast Cycle Washers

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Nowadays washer disinfector manufacturers not only have to take into consideration the compliance of their products to the corresponding statutory hygiene guidelines as the new 15883/2 rule but also have to follow the more and more growing Customer demand for washer disinfectors which can combine thorough cleaning results with working efficiency and environment care.

The Steelco Fast Cycle Concept is -
“To combine the energy saving concept with a high standard cleaning and drying performance in a very short cycle time”

Key Features of the fast cycle washers:

Save Time – up to 50% saving
Big capacity pre-heating tanks are directly connected through large valves into the wash chamber granting effective reults in reducing times. Also large drain valves allow quick flow emptuying of the chamber once the stage is finished ready fo the next stage

Save energy – up to 40% saving
Through cycle time reduction and thermal insulation a large energy saving is made

Save Water – up to 30% saving
The water recirculation tank allows the recycling of the disinfection water into the following cycles washing phase with the reduction of energy and water consumption