Steelco DS610 SL S Fast Cycle 10 DIN Washer

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The Steelco DS610 SL is a 10 DIN basket capacity machine which combines high efficiency and energy saving concept with exceptional cleaning/drying results in a very short cycle time, meeting every need in the healthcare sector.

The Steelco DS610 SL is a fully automatic washer disinfector with motorized vertical sliding down door available in single or double door pass-through version, standard configuration or fast cycle concept.

The full HST glass motorized door guarantees the end user a complete visual inspection during the washing cycle

It allows professional high standard performance in every reprocessing area also when the space is very limited. 

All loading and unloading operations can be done by using a manual transfer trolley or using automatic loading/unloading tables.

This model is equipped with filtered forced air drying system which ensure a perfect drying of all instruments and tubes after disinfection thanks to an efficient distribution of air on all chamber parts and wash cart levels.

The large capacity of this model assures consistently tested and efficient washing-disinfecting performances and meets at the same time increasing reprocessing needs.

Easy access USB port on the front panel to download historical cycle data and for software upgrades.

Up to 5 levels washing carts are available to treat up to 10 DIN net baskets in a single cycle. A multi-level basic wash cart with removable shelves with washing arms is available to reach a higher level of versatility.


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  • Large capacity up to 10 DIN 1/1 net basket.
  • LCD touch control system with colour panel to visualized cycle status.
  • USB port to download historical cycle data with possibility to upgrade the software (optional)
  • 20 standard pre-programmed cycles available and 20 additional cycles available for customization
  • RS 232 port is provided with printer connection for monitoring and validating washing phases.
  • Motorized sliding down glass door made of HST temperate glass.
  • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows convenient loading and unloading operations with the support of a transport trolley.
  • An efficient filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature setting, helps to ensure the complete inside and outside drying of all the surgical instruments and tubes.
  • Standard steam condenser eliminates vapours from entering into the washing area.
  • Washing and DI disinfection temperature are fully adjustable up to 93°C. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.
  • Machine is equipped with standard steam condenser to eliminate vapours from entering into the washing area.
  • Heavy washing pump ensure high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.
  • Washing/drying injection system on the same circuit.
  • Inner cabinet, washing arms and tank filters entirely made of high quality AISI 316 L stainless steel. Frame and body of machine made of AISI 304L stainless steel.
  • Triple water filtering system ensures to capture residue preventing re-circulation of contaminated material.
  • Two standard automatic liquid dispensers provided with level control. Two more dispensers are available as optional.
  • Large storage on bottom basement to allocate up to four 5 lt chemical container.


  • Dimensions - W685 x D645 x H1955mm
  • Capacity - 10 DIN
  • Cycle Time Reduction - up to 30 minutes

Optional Features

  • 3rd and 4th Chemical dosing pump
  • HEPA H14 air filter
  • Integrated printer
  • USB port
  • Light inside chamber
  • Steam heating

Loading Options

Rack options - 

  •  Surgical instruments 
  • Ophthalmology instruments
  • Containers
  • MIS instruments 
  • Theatre / Clog rubber shoes 
  • Baby bottles
  • Anaesthesia instruments


Loading options - 

  • Manual Transfer Trolley 
  • Motorised Loading / Unloading Conveyor