Matachana S1000 HS Steriliser / Autoclave

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The Matachana 1000 series steam sterilizers has meant a revolution within the sterilization field right from its first launching in the market back in 90.

Quality and MATACHANA S1000 have always stood side by side, offering an unquestionable image quality amongst the sterilization world, converting itself into a reference point in thousands of hospitals, research centres, outsourcing and laboratories in worldwide.

The conjunction of first quality materials, leading-edge engineering, and a perfectly controlled manufacturing process result in the highest quality product, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Manufactured according to the latest version of the EN 285: 2006 + A2:2009 it allows the user to be able to execute the most demanding penetration test such as the helix test. (PCD according to EN 867-5).

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The S1000 means the evolution of a success, counting on an even higher number of features.

  • Technology: New control system more robust and modern. TFT touch panel with a built-in PLC at the loading side. For double door machines, we install a new screen that will allow, as an option, to select and start cycles.
  • Ergonomics: New control screen more accessible with easy and modern interface for the user.
  • Compatibility: Perfect drying tested on the most demanding wrapping material available on the market.
  • Functional: Prepared to be connected to the most usual management and traceability systems via serial and/or Ethernet ports.
  • Connection to external printer via Ethernet to print the cycle report in all formats.
  • Comfort: New range of more functional accessories better adapted to the loading requirements.
  • Accessibility: Important improvements for maintenance operations.

Further optional features:

  • Built-in air compressor
  • Video recorder
  • Open liquids program
  • Automatic loading / unloading
  • Connection to external cooling systems
  • Manual steam by-pass (steam generator)
  • Connection to pen-drive via USB for cycle download


S1006 model

  • Single door - H1,972 x W996 x D1,314mm
  • Double door -  H1,972 x W996 x D1,336mm
  • Capacity 6 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

S1008 model

  • Single door - H1,972 x W996 x D1,614mm
  • Double door -  H1,972 x W996 x D1,636mm
  • Capacity 8 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

S1010 model

  • Single door - H1,972 x W996 x D2,054mm
  • Double door -  H1,972 x W996 x D2,076mm
  • Capacity  10 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

S1012 model

  • Single door - H1,972 x W996 x D2,316mm
  • Double door -  H1,972 x W996 x D2,338mm
  • Capacity  12 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)


Sterilization programs:

  • Standard 134ºC.
  • Standard 121ºC.
  • Containers.
  • Special P 134ºC
  • Rapid

Test programs:

  • Bowie & Dick.
  • Vacuum test

Optional programs

  • Silicone implants
  • Low temperature
  • Air detector and NCG
  • Autostart
  • Disinfection (105 ºC)