Matachana S2000 Steriliser / Autoclave

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Matachana S2000 Series sterilizers incorporate state-of-art security and efficiency to its technical design guaranteeing a perfect control of all sterilization processes. The design and construction of the S2000 Series is in accordance with the requirements of the European harmonised standard

EN285 (sterilization -steam sterilizers- large sterilizers) and are built according to the guidelines of Quality Standard EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485.

The most outstanding features of these sterilizers are: easy handling, high performance, colour touchscreen control microcomputer, ejector discharge system and automatic electric doors.

Designed and manufactured pursuant to the provisions of the harmonised European standard EN-285 and quality standards UNE EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485, it is guaranteed that Antonio Matachana, S.A. will apply quality management to the design, production, delivery, installation and post-sale service of its products.

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Main features:

  • Continuous chamber and jacket in high quality nickel-chrome stainless steel.
  • Controlled by industrial microcomputer and user-friendly, high resolution, colour touchscreen.
  • Stainless steel valves and steam pipes.
  • Steam pipes connected using a tube CLAMP system: laboratory quality offered as standard.
  • Integrated steam discharge system using the silent and efficient Venturi ejector. 
  • Automatic electric doors with safety system.
  • Water saving system (optional).
  • Prepared for remote operation (online remote maintenance).
  • With inlets for validation sensors.
  • Access ports for PC connection and barcode reader (optional).
  • Non-condensable gas-measuring module (optional).
  • Variants: for sunken area- floor level loading- or on plinth- raised loading on the ground.
  • Optional automatic loading/unloading.
  • Suitable for hospital sterilization centres, pharmaceutical laboratories and the healthcare products industry, as well as any other centre that requires fast and safe sterilization of large volume.


S2009V model

  • Single door - H1,850 x W1,800 x D1,570mm
  • Double door -   H1,850 W1,800 x D1,570mm
  • Capacity 9 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

S2012V model

  • Single door -  H1,850 W1,800 x D1,900mm
  • Double door -   H1,850 W1,800 x D1,900mm
  • Capacity 12 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

S2018V model

  • Single door -   H1,850 W1,800 x D2,570mm
  • Double door -    H1,850 W1,800 x D2,570mm
  • Capacity 18 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)


Sterilization programs:

  • Standard 134ºC.
  • Standard 121ºC.
  • Containers.
  • Special P 134ºC
  • Rapid

Test programs:

  • Bowie & Dick.
  • Vacuum test

Optional programs

  • Silicone implants
  • Low temperature
  • Air detector and NCG
  • Autostart
  • Disinfection (105 ºC)