Steelco TW3000 Tunnel / Multi-Chamber Washer

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The Steelco TW3000 is specially designed for the processing departments with a high rate of medical devices and utensil in restricted space. It improves staff productivity and efficiency, saves time and energy consumption.

High capacity. 15 DIN trays are processed in each cycle.

The operation is simple: a scanner automatically reads the barcodes, selects the relevant washing program and runs through the different washing/drying chambers under Steelcotronic control.

The Steelco TW3000 can be combined with ATS system and DS1000 washer disinfectors. It is built to accept and manage the same range of racks and accessories used into DS1000.

The machine is equipped with a PLC control unit and a 20” Colour Touch Screen display with 100 disinfection programs stored as standard.

It fulfils the European EN ISO15883-1/2 and UK HTM 2030 requirements.


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Washing chamber

  • Triple water stainless steel filtering system captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life
  • Extremely smooth chamber surface, welds without pockets and folds.
  • 2 heavy stainless steel vertical installed washing pumps, into each washing/disinfection chamber, ensure high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure and also grant a complete drain of the washing circuit.
  • HST glass sliding doors between each chamber prevent any carryover of contamination from the chambers.
  • Cycle visual inspection, from service compartment, is possible at any time through HST glass windows.
  • Chamber heat and noise insulated.

Heat recovery

  • Cold DI water is preheated using water from the thermal disinfection phase (90°C ) reducing energy consumption.

Detergent dosing system

  • The pumps are connected to the washing and disinfecting chambers. In case one chamber is down the detergent flow can be redirected to the other chamber ensuring a complete wash and thermal disinfection cycle in one chamber

Drying and filtering

  • HEPA filtered forced turbo drying system equipped with 2 high performance fans, with hot air recirculation into the chamber through spry arms and air ducts, helps to ensure the complete inside and outside drying of all the surgical instruments and tubes and make the process fast while saving energy.

Tanks and connections

  • Chambers equipped with preheated tanks and recirculation tank.
  • Tank connection of external measuring sensors.

Service access and industrial quality electric panels

  • Service access from one side grants easy access to all the machine components.

Modular flexibility

  • The system can be configured from 2 up to 5 chambers, depending on throughput requirements.
  • On request, extra modules can be added after installation to adapt TW 3000 to new future needs.


  • Independent chambers improve throughput by processing multiple cycle simultaneously.
  • Loading-unloading areas provided with fully automatic conveyors.
  • CSSD clean side connected to soiled side by fully automatic return conveyors.
  • Validation port at each chamber.
  • 15 DIN trays can be immersed into the Ultra-sonic module.

Loading Options

Rack options - 

  • Surgical instruments
  • Ophthalmology instruments
  • Containers
  • MIS instruments 
  • Theatre / Clog rubber shoes 
  • Baby bottles
  • Anaesthesia instruments


Loading options - 

  • Auto Load / Unload Stations
  • Automatic Transfer System - ATS

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