Steelco VS - Small Capacity Steriliser / Autoclave

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“Versatility, easy handling, high performance and reliability”

Steelco have developed a full range of high capacity autoclaves for the perfect solution for any central sterilisation supply department or theatre sterile supply unit. 

The Steelco VS Small range of sterilisers has the processing capacity of 1 - 2 STU (Sterilising Unit) or 4– 7cubic feet. Each model within our full range of vapour sterilisers combines high productivity with cost efficiency forming an effective solution to improving the economy of any CSSD.

The sterilisation cycle has been specifically conceived to reduce cycle times and energy consumption, thus improving the efficiency of the cycle. In the initial stage of the cycle, the innovative air removal method allows to Steelco VS steriliser to reach the exact vacuum much faster.

In the final stage of the cycle, the fractional vacuum phase makes it possible to better extract steam & water waste, thus reducing the drying time while maintaining high performances.

With innovative high performance sterilising technology, the new Steelco autoclaves are characterized by a rectangular chamber, completely made of stainless steel AISI 316L and are entirely covered with a full jacket.

The insulation is ensured by an innovative and practical textile covering. This new chamber design ensures the Steelco autoclaves excellent performances during the sterilisation cycles optimising energy use and reducing water and steam consumption.

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  • Frontal service door realized in one single stainless steel AISI 304 panel

  • Base equipped with proper guides for an easy and safe lifting and handling of the autoclave

  • Height adjustable feet enabling an easy floor levelling of the autoclave

  • Possibility to have the technical area on the left or on the right side of the autoclave

  • Piping made of stainless steel AISI 316L with hydraulic hygienic tri-clamp connections allowing an easy maintenance of the systems

  • Double stage vacuum pump

  • The circuits for the chamber steam, jacket and door gaskets are distinct and independent

  • The steam generators are equipped with an integrated water visual level indicator

  • Ergonomic working and loading position


VS 1 model

  • Single door - H1,700 x W800 x D1,000mm
  • Double door -  H1,900 x W800 x D1,000mm
  • Capacity - 4 cubic feet / 1 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

VS 1.5 model

  • Single door - H1,700 x W800 x D1,300mm
  • Double door -  H1,700 x W800 x D1,300mm
  • Capacity - 5 cubic feet / 1.5 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

VS 2 model

  • Single door - H1,700 x W800 x D1,600mm
  • Double door -  H1,700 x W800 x D1,600mm
  • Capacity - 7 cubic feet / 2 Standard Modules (300 x 300 x 600mm)

Optional Features

  • Automatic water softener

  • WI-FI connection

  • Pressure recording sensor

  • Silenced air compressor

  • Steam generator - Multiple types

  • RFID recognition system

  • Drain cooling system

  • Water saving system for the vacuum pump

  • Integrated thermal paper printer

  • Software for a remote supervision of the cycle parameters and data

  • Network printing or electronic format printing