Steelco LC80 Trolley / Cart Washer

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The Steelco LC80 is a floor loading cart / trolley, sterile containers & DIN tray washer disinfector which has been developed for any Health Care application where large items are required to be cleaned and thermo-disinfected. It can treat theatre transport and storage trolleys, sterile containers, operating tables etc.

The flat chamber floor provides a safe surface to walk on during loading-unloading phase. Multiple oscillating pipes grant excellent washing results and the incorporated tilting rails assure optimum washing-drying and items unloading.


Unique Features

  • A patented manifold system for trolley docking allows water connection for trolleys provided with spray arms and injection systems.
  • Multiple oscillating pipes with numerous stainless steel nozzles grant an excellent washing result.
  • Spray nozzles are also positioned under the loading floor ensuring washing and disinfection at the bottom of the items.
  • Tilting rails for water dripping allowing a faster and easier drying.
  • At the end of the washing/disinfection cycle the trolley unloading is also made easier.
  • Items being processed can cause an accumulation of a significant amount of residues so Steelco have developed a self-cleaning  flush  filter which captures residues during the re-circulation of the wash water.


The Steelco LC 80 fulfils the European EN ISO15883-1/2 and UKHTM 2030 requirements.


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  • The machine is available in single door and pass-through versions.
  • Washing chamber made in mirror stainless steel AISI 316 L
  • External body made in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Independent temperature monitoring.
  • Washing pump pressure control.
  • Vertical installed stainless steel washing pump.
  • Double drying units, 1000 m3/h capacity.
  • Chemical control dosing system.
  • COLOR TOUCH SCREEN control with auto-diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms, allows to optimize the washing process and to personalize programs on board of the machines. Up to 65 memorized washing and disinfection programmes: - 5 service programmes, - 10 fixed programmes and 50 free programmes personalized. 
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Data archiving system and process control.
  • Oscillating washing pipes
  • Tilting rails for washing cycle and unloading of trolleys.


  • Dimensions - W2500 x D2480 x H2530mm


  •  up to 2 x trolleys / carts,
  • up to 56 x DIN baskets
  • up to 42 sterile containers with lids
  • 240 Theatre clogs / shoes

Optional Features

  • Extra Deep - for greater capacity & longer trolleys
  • Extra Wide - LC80 BOT
  • Extra High - for taller pieces of equipment
  • 3rd Chemical dosing pump
  • Steam connections
  • HEPA H14 air filter
  • Flush self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of the wash water
  • Patented manifold system for trolley docking with spray arms
  • Fully automatic version for loading and unloading the carts
  • Light into the chamber
  • Printer
  • 3rd water tank for water recovery and recycling

Loading Options

Rack Options

  • C690 - 4 level wash cart with washing arms for up to 28 DIN baskets or 21 sterile containers
  • C659 - 120 Theatre shoe / clog wash cart


Loading Options

  • Flat with floor level within a Pit 180mm deep
  • Loading / unloading ramps - options up to 4m
  • Chamber motorisation
  • Auto loading / unloading - up to 3m

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