Raising Awareness

  • Paul Charlton

23 June 2021

Raising awareness of orthotics in stroke rehabilitation

Following the success of its annual FORTH Conference earlier this year, Paul Charlton of Newcastle-based Peacocks Medical Group is to host an online event in conjunction with the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO).

Taking place on 7 July, it will raise awareness of normal and pathological gait and its relevance to rehabilitation following a stroke. It is organised by Paul Charlton, a former chair of the ISPO and senior orthotist at Peacocks Medical Group.

Established in 1903, Peacocks Medical Group is a multi-award-winning, family-run group, providing outstanding care in the delivery of both clinical services and medical equipment to the NHS and the private sector.

The company has a long tradition of developing and supporting the orthotic profession and its role in treatments.

The event will welcome a range of specialist speakers including Joshua Young, senior orthotist and clinical development manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital, who will discuss Orthotic Management of Stroke in the UK. Joshua is joined by world renowned physiotherapist, Elaine Owen, who will be sharing her thoughts on fact-checking beliefs about normal walking.

Stephen Ashford, senior clinical lecturer and consultant physiotherapist at King’s College, London, will be exploring pathological gait and motor learning and Paul Charlton and Isabel Cary, senior neuro-physiotherapist working at the Wolfson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, London, will discuss a neuro-biomechanical, multi-disciplinary approach to gait rehabilitation adopted by the centre.

Paul, has a keen interest in research and stroke rehabilitation and organised the recent virtual FORTH Conference, attended by 250 delegates. The conference explored the role orthotics can play in stroke treatment as well as physiotherapy, based on the Bobath approach. It also provided an opportunity to identify how physiotherapists and orthotists can work together to explore options and consider improvements in treatment.

 The upcoming event will continue the conversation amongst health professionals on the role of orthotic treatment, in delivering best practice.

Paul Charlton, said: “As a passionate orthotist, my ambition is to create an ongoing dialogue around the various approaches towards stroke rehabilitation, whilst demonstrating the progressive nature of Peacocks Medical Group.

“The online event welcomes a range of acclaimed speakers who will each share their expertise on the subject.

“Currently physiotherapists are split between using orthoses in treatment and those less likely to do so, following a more purist Bobath approach, which is broadly taught to physiotherapists and is based around the brain’s ability to adapt to change and reorganise and recover after neurological damage. There are concerns regarding inhibiting movement using orthoses. However, orthoses can be used to block abnormal movement, improve alignment allowing more normal movement and the chance for the body to learn without large compensations.

“It is my aim to keep engaging with the wider rehabilitation community to see how we can best work together to enhance the recovery and function of patients. I also want to continue to raise awareness of the inventive interventions that I have developed, which are being adopted in several centres and are providing assessment tools and practical demonstrations of my solutions.”

To find out more about the event, please visit: Normal and Pathological Gait and its relevance to rehabilitation following stroke | ISPO UK MS


Photo Caption: Paul Charlton, senior orthotist at Peacocks Medical Group

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