Hybrid Room Solutions

Increasingly, clinicians require more versatile environments that can enable them to carry out complex minimally invasive procedures. Developing a well-planned and flexible ‘hybrid’ solution for healthcare providers increases utilisation of the Operating Room. 

Technology and experience insures that the right equipment is available for surgical and image guided radiological procedures including; vascular, cardiovascular, neurosurgery and orthopaedics (spine). Clinical staff benefit from a more tailored and intuitive environment placing equipment solutions at their fingertips for every procedure.

By design, hybrid solutions require the use of the C-arm and specialty imaging table, along with surgical support equipment (booms, lights & flat panel arms) for image guided, diagnostic as well as surgical procedures.

Partnership with Phillips

Skytron and Philips have teamed up to create versatile hybrid O.R. solutions that save clinicians critical time and flexibility to perform open and complex minimally invasive procedures in the same room. The combination of Skytron’s vast O.R. experience with Philips’ expertise in interventional X-ray imaging provides optimal solutions for this complex clinical environment. 



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