Patient Support System - Singer Starr Stacker

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The Singer Star Stacker Lateral Support System is an innovative, cost effective solution for optimal lateral patient positioning. 

The Arm Stacker provides superior ability to position patient arms perpendicular to the upper torso, while the Leg Stacker provides maximum cushioning and support of the legs. 

The Lateral Support System is designed for patient left or right sided positioning. 

Great for use in surgical and non-surgical inpatient and outpatient procedures (including minimally invasive surgeries) without risk of injury.

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  • Maximum support & superior comfort for patient
  • Ultra soft cushioning prevents pressure induced tissue trauma
  • Notched cushioning to allow entry of ET and support tubes
  • Facilitates easy access to shoulders, head, neck, torso and extremities
  • Maintains continuous access to monitoring devices and vascular access lines
  • Ergonomic padding adjusts to patient sizes and anatomy
  • Adjustable arm board enables fine tuning before/during procedures
  • Speedy set up
  • Reversible feature allows for set up on either side of surgical table
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Affordable and reusable
  • Supports each leg independently
  • Cushions prevent the patient’s legs from touching each other or the surgical table


Singer Starr Stacker Lateral Support Positioning Benefitsinclude those for:

Anesthesiology -  Epidural Injection; Spinal/Epidural Anesthesia; Lumbar Procedures

ENT / Otolaryngology -  Posterior Neck Tumor Excision

Gastroenterology - Gastroscopy; Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography; Colonoscopy; Sigmoidoscopy; Anoscopy; Proctoscopy

General Surgery -  Adrenalectomy; Flank Incisional Heriorrhaphy

Neurosurgery - Craniotomy; Vertebrectomy; Discectomy; Lumboperitoneal Shunt Insertion; Intra-thecal Pain Pump Placement

Obstetrics - Maternal Lateral Positioning; Pregnancy Fetal Monitoring

Orthopedic Surgery - Total Hip Arthroplasty

Plastic Surgery -  Tram Flap Latissimus Muscle Breast Reconstruction; Mass Excisions of Shoulders and Back

Pulmonology - Bronchoscopy

Urology - Open & Laparoscopic Transperitoneal, Retroperitoneal Kidney; Ureter Surgery; Transrectal Prostate Ultrasound; Prostate Biopsy

Radiology - Cross Table Lateral Abdominal X-Ray; Nephrostomy Exchange

Thoracic Surgery - Thoracotomy; Thoracoscopy