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Peacocks Medical Group were the UK distributor of DKK Operating Theatre lights for over 30 years and still have multiple sights all over the UK.

Due to the exceptional build & light quality from DKK and the excellent maintenance and support provided by Peacocks there are still sites where these up to 30 year old lights are still in regular use. You might have even seen one or two of them on episodes of Doctor Who, both old and new.

In 2009 DKK entered into an exclusive partnership with Skytron to provide Skytron with their high quality lights for which Peacocks are now the UK distributor.

Since the year 2001 Peacocks have also been the UK distributor for Mediland theatre lights. Mediland have a large range of lights from LED Theatre lights ato small clinic lights. In 2010 Mediland won the International Red Dot design awards for their design of their new MediLED series of operating lights.

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