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MediLED Duet light contains two light heads of different sizes (MediLED4 and MediLED3), which together, create a most beautiful light field.

Furthermore, each light head is supported with arms systems; this will let you position the light heads perfectly in order to maximize the surrounding space, allowing the medical staff to manoeuvre easily without obstructing the lighting.

The compact design of MediLED Duet is a superior alternative to traditional two-headed lighting systems and is especially suitable for multiple clinical practices such as oral surgeries, dental procedures, dental implant practices, plastic surgeries, ENT and general surgeries.

This system is also adaptable to multimedia display and high definition cameras (optional features) which can further enhance its versatility.

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Cool Light 

MediLED Duet uses the light emitting diodes (LED) which generate very little or no infrared radiation to avoid dehydration of tissues.

Daylight Colour, True Colour Vision 

MediLED Duet delivers consistent colour temperature of 4300K with CRI of 95, R9 95. This helps reveal the maximum perception detail of tissues. Eye comfort of the surgeons is therefore improved.

Safety and Comfort 

Radiant energy of MediLED Duet is as low as 3.3mW/m² lux while maximum intensity per light head reaches 100,000lux. The light significantly reduces the heat on the surgical sites during operations. Patient safety and surgical team’s comfort is hence increased.

Continuous Column for Long Distance Illumination 

Our technology minimizes LED light decay over distance and allows each light head emits a long and uniformed light beam of 110cm (L1+L2). Specially engineered  MediLED Duet  lighting modules creates a homogenous light pattern approximately 18-30cm (diameter) with adjustable focus.

Shadow less Illumination

Multiple light sources of maximum 86 LEDs significantly reduce shadow from diffusion and dilution. Shadow dilution rate with tube and 1 mask is 60%.

Ultra Compact Light 

MediLED Duet light head is ultra-thin and fully closed for easy and fast clean and disinfection. A sterile handle positioned in the light head centre allows easy manoeuvring of light head positions during surgical operations.

Long Lifespan 

LEDs of MediLED Duet enjoy extremely long life of 50,000 hours (calculated by L70 life standard)

Video Support Light System

MediLED Duet Video Support System directs video signal transmission from internal cables to minimize the loss and distortion of video signals. Optional 19” high definition graphic monitor allows surgical team to view surgical procedures, patient’s physiological signals or hospital-based PAC files.

Fail-soft Design 

Fail-soft design protects against problems caused by single electrical failure and ensures the surgical operation continue without interruptions.


Central Illuminance

  •  up to 100,000 lux

Colour Temprature -

  • 4,300K

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

  •  95

Red Colour Index (R9)

  • 95

Possible Configurations

Standard configurations

  • Single head - main or satellite
  • Duel head - main & satellite or two satellite
  • Laminar Flow ceiling configuration

Additional arms systems

  • Monitor arms - to support from one 19” monitor up to six monitors or even one screen up to 56”
  • Camera System - HD camera system

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