Skytron AUR 7 Aurora II (160,000 Lux)

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The Skytron Aurora II is the latest development from DKK, incorporating the outstanding build quality for which DKK is renowned with cutting-edge surgical lighting technology.

Aurora II is truly state-of-the-art, representing the culmination of years of LED lighting research and development. At the heart of the Aurora II’s design is its high performance, eco-friendly Hybrid LED optical system.

The Aurora II is equipped with dynamically focusable, high intensity LED optics that provide superior deep cavity illumination. At its centre are fixed focus, “Centra” LEDs which produce an enhanced bright, cool and uniform column of light to the surgical field. The “Best of Both Worlds” Aurora II Hybrid LED combines advanced fixed focus and focusable LED technologies into one ultimate high performance surgical lighting system.

The Aurora II has selectable colour temperature, which allows the surgeon to alter the colour temperature from 4,000K (soft white) to 4,500K (bright white). This allows one light head to be adapted to multiple medical procedures from orthopaedic surgery to cardiovascular surgery.


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The AUR 7 has 7 LED pods within its head to provide a light of up to 160,000 lux.
The Aurora II uses 3rd Generation LED technology to provide optimally Bright, Cool and Colour Correct lighting, without the need of multiple coloured LEDs to provide a amalgamated white light.

Selectable Colour Temperature
Colour correct temperature of 4,000K or 4,500K can be flexibly determined case by case (or during the surgical case), based upon each surgeon’s individual needs and preferences. It’s like having two lighting systems in one!

Dynamically focusable, satellite LEDs combine with high intensity fixed focus Centra LEDs to deliver superior, deep cavity illumination, without shadows.
Aurora II provides Direct Surgeon Control of Intensity and Focus.

Advanced Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD) Optics greatly enhances the lighting performance of each LED. VSRD optics produce a multitude of lighting segments that culminate together to create a premium quality of bright and cool, high intensity illumination without shadows.

Aurora II LED provides feather-light maneuverability along with continuously 360° infinite rotation at all points of articulation; including 20° upward vertical movement for taller surgeons. In addition, Aurora II provides 90° downward flexibility to deliver bright, cool and colour correct lighting where it is needed most.

Heat Management
Aurora II Hybrid LED optics utilize multiple, suspended LED light sources that protect each LED against heat degradation. Heat is the number one enemy of LED performance and longevity. Aurora II’s superior light head design suspends each LED, protecting it against the build-up of heat.

Green Credentials
Aurora II provides high-intensity, cool surgical lighting without breaking your energy budget. Eco-friendly Hybrid LED lights require less than half the energy of traditional halogen systems. LEDs last a minimum of 10 years.


Central Illuminance  

  • Up to 160,000 lux

Colour Temprature -

  • Adjustable  - 4,000K or 4,500K

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

  • 96 @ 4,500K

Red Colour Index (R9)

  • 95 @ 4,500K

Camera System

The Precision HD Handle Camera System consists of an Aurora II light head handle mounted, super compact HD Camera that delivers superb HD, high resolution images at 120X Zoom (10X Optical, 12X Digital) with a high speed, auto focus lens and flexible outputs for video conferencing, broadcasting and point -of –view (POV) applications.

A sterilisable or disposable cover protects the camera and permits sterile surgeon control of surgical lighting depth of field and focus adjustments, while retaining maximum intensity at any distance.
The Precision HD Camera and CCU can be moved from room to room for use with other Aurora II Handle Camera fixtures.

Controls are provided for Camera Rotation, Iris Adjustment, Zoom, D Zoom, Focus, Auto Focus, Auto White Balance, One Push White Balance and Freeze. HD Analog Y/Pb/Pr, RGB, DVI-D outputs are available.

Remote camera control from PC workstations is accomplished via the USB interface.

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