Mediland Amax9000 Plus Operating Theatre Table

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The Amax 9000 universal surgical table is designed to provide the complete flexibility for patient positioning required for modern surgeries with the most advanced engineering technology. With the features of safety, stability, versatility and convenience the Amax 9000 simplifies the planning of operating theatres in a hospital. 

The table height of Amax 9000 is from 680mm to 1112mm, and its maximum loading weight is 454 Kg. All the table top movements can be adjusted by the hand control, foot pump, or override switch, thus the safety and reliability during surgery is guaranteed.

The Amax 9000 is a universal electrohydraulic surgical table fully meets the IEC 60601-2-46, and gets the ETL certification.

  • Advanced 4-sections design: the hydraulic system drives all table top sections except for the head section. There are 14" x 17" X-ray cassette tunnels under the back and leg sections, and makes the translucent area up to 85% of table top.
  • Complete flexion design: the included angle of flex position is up to 220° and is a typical European-style design. Furthermore, the powered kidney elevator between the back and pelvis section perfectly meets those surgeons used to the American-styled surgical table.

  • Agile and stable: 4 large-sized conductive swivel casters provide the excellent mobility. With the powered hydraulic floor-LOCK system, the table is very stable when floor-LOCK is locked.
  • Plentiful power: the built-in battery is for 1 week of operation (approx. 50~80 procedures) when fully charged, and perfectly meets the trend of cordless floor in the modern surgical room.
  • Ergonomics: the T-Shaped table base provides more legroom for surgical team access. The powered leg section is capable of rotating down to 105° to increase more accessibility for the surgeon to the perineal area.
  • Pressure management pads: the conductive, fire retardant, and germproof pads prevent the pressure sore from lengthy procedures.
  • PA900 Orthopaedic Extension: the particular trolley design facilitates the preparation work of the orthopaedic procedure.

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  • A 5-section table top provides flexibility for various kinds of surgeries.
  • Table top is made of the radio-translucent material, Bakelite.
  • Contains a built-in cassette tunnel beneath the table top.
  • Table frame is made of aluminium alloy gravity casting and is coated with anti-rust paints.
  • Most metal components with exposed surfaces such as the central column, joint plates, side rails and screws are made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and resist chemicals and disinfectants commonly used in the O.R.
  • Base cover is made of chemical-resistant, impact-resistant ABS plastic which is not easily dented by falling objects. The T-shape base provides sufficient legroom for surgeons.
  • Mattresses and the four swivel casters are all electrically conductive.
  • Electro-hydraulic system provides adjustment of height, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section, leg section, flex, reflex angles, kidney elevator, auto-levelling and floor lock. 
  • Head section can be adjusted, attached or removed manually.
  • Lower leg section can be attached or removed manually.
  • Hydraulic system can be powered either by motor pump or foot pump.


Table Length - 1,958mm

Table Width (without side rails) - 530mm

Table Height (without Mattress) - 680 - 1,120mm

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg - 30° / 30°

Lateral Tilt (L / R) - 20° / 20°

Back (Up / Down) - 68° / 40°

Leg (Up / Down) - 80° / 100°

Head (Up / Down) - 90° / 90°

Kidney Elevator (Up) - 0 - 120mm

Weight Capacity (Normal Orientation) - 454kg

Possible Applications

The Amax9000 Plus can be used for a number of different surgeries – 

General Surgery

The  Amax9000 Plus has excellent stability for general surgeries such as conventional cholecystectomy and thoracic surgeries

Struma and Neck Surgery

Head Section can be adjusted manually for facilitating Struma and neck surgery

Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery

A headrest for Plastic Operation coupled to the back section provides wrist support for the surgeon

Cardiovascular Surgery

Longitudinal sliding toward the head minimises the need for C-arm manoeuvring during cardiovascular surgery

Optional Back Section Extender is also available to increase the C-arm coverage

ENT Surgery

Foweler’s position gives optimum patient comfort during ENT surgery

Neurosurgery (Supine & Prone Position) 

The patients head can be placed on a Horseshoe Headrest for approaches to the posterior cranial fossa.

Longitudinal sliding toward the head allows plenty of legroom for the surgeon

Neurosurgery (Sitting Position)

Patients head can be stabilised on a Sitting Headrest in sitting position.

Longitudinal sliding toward the head helps enhance surgeon comfort.

Neurosurgery – An adjustable Headrest Adaptor allows the use of Mayfield skull clamp

Nephrectomy Surgery

The integrated kidney elevator can be raised up to 12cm by the means of a manual crank for the convenience of surgical positioning during nephrectomy surgery.

Urology / Gynaecology Surgery

Leg sections can be removed easily or split horizontally. For some cases where imaging is required, longitudinal sliding toward the foot provides optimal C-arm coverage

Rectal Surgery

Kraske / jack-knife position allows easy access to the surgical site.

Spinal Surgery

The dorsal Operation Pad supports the patient’s body and gives sufficient room beneath the abdominals for respiration.

Shoulder Surgery

A light-weight Shoulder Attachment is available for shoulder surgery in reverse patient orientation. 

Orthopaedic Surgery

Hip Pinning

The PA700 Orthopaedic Extension device can be easily installed to the Amax 9000 Plus base. The floor stands of the device provide the utmost stability and unrestricted imaging access.

Lateral I.M. Nailing

Achieved with optional Lateral Accessories

Tibia / Fibula Nailing

Achieved with optional accessories


PA01.01 - Radial Setting Clamp for EUR Side Rail

PA02.01 - Flat Bar Clamp for EUR Side Rail

PA03.01 - Anaesthesia Screen

PA04.01 - Shoulder Brace (Left)

PA05.01 - Shoulder Brace (Right)

PA06.05 - Pressure Management Mattress (8cm) Arm board for EUR Side Rail

PA07.01 - Lateral Brace

PA08.02 - Leg Holder

PA09.01 - Foot Rest (Left)

PA10.01 - Foot Rest (Right)

PA11.01 - Restraint Strap

PA12.01 - Infusion Stand with Two Hooks

PA12.02 - Infusion Stand with Four Hooks

PA13.03 - Horseshoe Headrest

PA14.01 - Upper Arm Support

PA15.01 - Proctology Attachment

PA16.04 - Drain Pan for Amax9000 Plus

PA17.02 - Accessory Trolley for EUR Side Rail

PA27.01 - Dorsal Operation Pad

PA28.02 - Foot Control

PA29.02 - Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation for EUR Side Rail

PA29.03 - Microscopic Operation Frame for Hand Operation (Rectangular Type) for EUR Side Rail

PA30.01 - Sitting Headrest

PA31.03 - Pelvic Section Extender

PA33.03 - Headrest for Plastic Operation

PA35.18 - Pressure Management Mattress (8cm) for Amax9000 Plus

PA36.02 - Transfer Board for PA31.03

PA38.01 - Foot Rest

PA39.01 - Radial Setting Clamp for EUR Side Rail

PA42.01 - Headrest Adapter

PA42.04 - Adjustable Headrest Adapter

PA46.01 - Lithotomy Leg holder

PA48.02 - Carbon Fibre Arm board for EUR Side Rail

PA49.02 - Laminate Arm board for EUR Side Rail

PA54.03 - Shoulder Attachment

PA84.02 - 25cm Table Width Extender for EUR Side Rail

PA85.02 - 45cm Table width Extender for EUR Side Rail

PA101.01 - Leg Sections for Amax9000 Plus (8cm Mattress)

PA113.01 - Wristlet

PA114.01 - Anaesthesia Screen with Suspended Arm Strap

PA115.01 - Pad under Neck

PA116.01 - Semi Circular Shaped Pad

PA119.04 - Carbon Fibre Extension for EUR Side Rail (8cm Mattress)

PA123.01 - Instrument Tray

PA900.04 - Orthopaedic Extension for Amax- 9000 Plus (EUR Side Rail, 8cm Mattress)

PA901.04 - Carbon Fibre Orthopaedic Extension for Amax9000 Plus (EUR Side Rail, 8cm Mattress)

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