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Delivering the highest quality in equipment in comprehensive installation, servicing and customer care.

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The equipment we choose is selected to deliver optimal performance and functionality, delivering continuous solutions that adhere to the highest efficiency standards.

Central Sterilising Services Departments (CSSD)

Peacocks SME are a leading provider of innovative medical equipment specialising in the decontamination and sterilisation of surgical instruments. With a commitment to advancing healthcare standards, our company is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art Equipment that ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene in medical facilities.

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Cart Washers

An advanced range of products, created using technologies that allow the user to effectively eliminate contaminants with ease, alleviating pressure on those in the medical field.

CSSD Washer Disinfector

Washer Disinfectors

Freestanding through to full-sized table and bed decontamination models are created by expertly trained engineers to provide optimal solutions for the medical sector.

CSSD Steriliser


State-of-the-art solutions, designed to go above and beyond the expectations of the medical sector. Saving time and money and effectively decontaminating equipment.

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Peacocks SME know how critical it is for UK dentists, dental surgeries and patients to have efficient, effective and reliable dental decontamination equipment and washers. As well as offering a wide range of dental disinfection equipment from Cisa, Peacocks SME delivers a comprehensive installation and maintenance service through our dedicated, fully qualified, Dental Decontamination Equipment Engineering Team.

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Our tabletop steriliser range uses the highest quality materials to surpass the needs of the dental market and provide unwavering solutions to practices nationally.

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Washer Disinfectors

Using innovative decontamination technology has allowed us to develop and distribute equipment that exceeds expectations and streamlines the disinfection process.

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Supplying a wide range of operating theatre solutions and equipment to surgeons across the United Kingdom.

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Clog Washers

The Cisa range holds many state-of-the-art products capable of processing theatre shoes/clogs. However, the Cisa AWD655-8 Under-bench is best suited to the task.

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Patient Care kits

To ensure patients experience comfort and are protected from injury during prone-facing surgery. Peacocks SME issue single-use patient protection packs, as one of our exceptional solutions.

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Spare parts

Every product and solution provided is designed and delivered by expert engineers. Cutting edge technology utilised to ensure complete decontamination and sterilisation of medical equipment and surgical instruments.

To maximise equipment uptime Peacocks SME stock all major parts, components and consumables for equipment supplied and distributed throughout the UK from leading manufacturers in decontamination technology.

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CISA products

Peacocks SME are the proud sole distributor of CISA Group products within the UK. Operating for over 100 years, CISA is a global supplier of infection control systems. CISA are a major supplier to laboratories, Hospitals and Medical facilities. Peacocks SME and CISA work closely to develop and supply the most innovative solutions for the management of infections hospital waste, creating safer environments in hospitals and laboratories.

Cut carbon, cut costs, cut risk

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