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The Peacock Group represents care, quality, service and innovative solutions to continuously improve the environment and the lives of all.

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Who we are

Award-winning Orthotic services and solutions within the NHS and private clinics that always guarantee the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

Tailored solutions with engineering acumen, ensuring enduring collaboration and customer satisfaction. We are experts in supplying NHS and private hospitals, clinics and surgeries with specialist surgical and medical equipment.

Revolutionising clinical waste management, saving millions and cutting carbon by up to 95%. Join us in the commitment to a sustainable future.

Podfo combines innovative technology and biomechanical expertise to produce high quality, custom corrective insoles.

Over 120 years of heritage

Founded in 1903, over the last 120 years we’ve built a rich and proud heritage. With a national reach and an unrivalled clinical and technical network. We are a solutions based company, predominantly in the healthcare sector. We deliver solutions and positive outcomes for all our partners and patients.


    The beginning of Peacocks

    In 1903, The Peacocks Group LTD began its journey, founded under the name J.C Peacock and Son LTD (John Clint Peacock). A lucrative cutlery manufacturer that would experience many successful years in that business.


    Surgical equipment production begins

    1914 saw the beginning of our journey through British health care, as J.C. Peacock and Son Ltd saw the devastating effects of the Great War and turned to focus on manufacturing surgical equipment and providing instruments and splints.


    Legacy and Continuity: The Evolution of Peacock Group

    Founder and first-generation leader, John Clint Peacock (JC), passed the business to his eldest son, Leslie Peacock. However, both passed away suddenly, leaving the business to the younger son, Roy Peacock (2nd generation, circa 1928). Roy closely collaborated with the Founders of the new NHS services and established business arrangements to provide services in the North East of England.


    The unbroken relationship with NHS begins

    Peacocks began work with the newly formed NHS. Thus, a highly successful continuous partnership was born.


    Peacocks launches SME

    Peacocks SME is launched in 1956 to the Medical + Dental market. Specialising in ground-breaking decontamination and sterilisation equipment to hospitals, surgeries, and clinics. Making surgical environments cleaner, safer, better.


    Unique Collaboration

    Colin Peacock worked closely with BHTA, collaborating to develop the first recognised University qualification in Orthotics.


    Southampton branch

    In 1988, Peacocks Medical Group proudly opened its Southampton branch, marking a significant expansion of our healthcare services to the Southampton community. This represented a major step forward to becoming a truly nationwide company.



    Continuing our collaboration with ORLAU, Peacocks played a pivotal role in developing the concept of low load prolonged stretch for contracture correction. This effort culminated in the publication of "Preliminary clinical experience of a contracture correction device" in an international journal.


    A-Footprint Project

    A-FOOTPRINT aimed to develop and validate additive manufacturing as a new technology for custom orthoses. This European research project brought together experts from clinical services, academia, and industry to research the best way forward in bringing the latest technology to orthotic provision. The Peacocks Group played a pivotal role as a key partner in this four-year project.


    KNEEMO Project

    The Peacocks Group was a partner in the European Horizons training programme on Knee Arthritis helping train and develop researchers of the future.


    Peacocks launches PODFO

    After years of research, rigorous mechanical tests, and clinical validation, PODFO was launched in 2015. PODFO's are custom orthoses that utilise additive manufacturing technology. PODFO was the world’s first 3D printed customer insole - Developed as a direct result of the learning from the A-Footprint project, PODFO's brings innovative research to clinical practice for the benefit of patients.


    Peacocks launches CURO

    In 2022, we introduced CURO, a pioneering solution addressing the financial and environmental challenges of clinical waste in the NHS. As the exclusive end-to-end sustainable innovation for clinical waste, CURO is reshaping how the NHS manage this critical issue.


    Innovation continues…

    Peacocks thrives on growth and innovation, expanding across the UK. Our customer-centric culture priorities solutions and CSR values, while groundbreaking innovations like PODFO and CURO drive market change.

What inspires our work

Our continuous evolution is testament to the hard work, creativity and dedication of our people. They have an unwavering focus on doing what is right for each other, our patients, customers and our community. Put simply, we care.

We are relentless in our mission to find new and innovative ways to constantly make a difference and delight our customers and we believe that anything is possible. While this can be challenging, we still find time to have fun along the way!

Our People
Two Orthotists, excited to work

With heritage and innovation comes growth - we're nationwide.

Peacocks Medical Group and SME have hubs and customers throughout the UK.

Map of Peacocks Medical Group and SME branches/hubs throughout the UK.

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