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Peacocks Medical Group represents exceptional care, quality and service.

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Delivering quality through service and care

We are growing, having almost doubled in size in the past few years and we plan to continue with this expansion. We provide the largest and most experienced clinical team in the UK, delivering clinical and managed services for the NHS.

We're proud to be the biggest independent Orthotics company in the UK.



    Surgical equipment production begins

    1914 saw the beginning of our journey through British health care, as J.C. Peacock and Son Ltd saw the devastating effects of the Great War and turned to focus on manufacturing surgical equipment and providing instruments and sprints.


    The unbroken relationship with the NHS begins

    Peacocks began work with the newly formed NHS. Thus, a highly successful continuous partnership was born.


    Market Leading Craftsmanship

    Peacocks utilises traditional metalwork, meticulous hand stitching, and premium leather materials in their craftsmanship.


    Plastic in Orthoses

    Plastics revolutionised orthotic treatments, especially for fractures, while we also expanded to offer ready-made splints and footwear, enhancing accessibility.


    Unique Collaboration

    Colin Peacock worked closely with BHTA, collaborating to develop the first recognised University qualification in Orthotics.


    CAD/CAM & Gait Analysis

    Peacocks revolutionised the North East region with CAD/CAM technology and Gait Analysis. We partnered with Clarks' footwear CAD/CAM facility, enabling us to offer patients shoes crafted using the latest technology as part of a national research program, pioneering the use of CAD/CAM as we know it today.


    Formation of Bapo

    BAPO was launched in 1998, marking a significant milestone in our company's history. It was built on the foundations laid by Colin Peacock and his colleagues in BHTA, who had formed the first version of the professional body as a section of the British Institute of Surgical Technologists (BIST).



    Continuing our collaboration with ORLAU, Peacocks played a pivotal role in developing the concept of low load prolonged stretch for contracture correction. This effort culminated in the publication of "Preliminary clinical experience of a contracture correction device" in an international journal.


    HSPC registered

    Our orthotists are Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered and follow British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) Standards and Guidance.


    100 years of Peacocks

    Peacocks celebrated a monumental milestone of 100 years, marking a century of dedication and excellence in healthcare.



    A-FOOTPRINT aimed to develop and validate additive manufacturing as a new technology for custom orthoses. This European research project brought together experts from clinical services, academia, and industry to research the best way forward in bringing the latest technology to orthotic provision. Peacocks played a pivotal role as a key partner in this four-year project.


    Kneemo Project

    Peacocks was a partner in the European Horizons training programme on Knee Arthritis helping train and develop researchers of the future.


    Peacocks launches PODFO

    After years of research, rigorous mechanical tests, and clinical validation, PODFO was launched in 2015. PODFO are custom orthoses that utilise additive manufacturing technology. PODFO was the world’s first 3D printed customer insole - Developed as a direct result of the learning from the A-Footprint project, PODFO brings innovative research to clinical practice for the benefit of patients.


    ClinicSmart Solutions

    The Orthotic Practice Management System. Addressing all aspects of administration from clinic planning, appointment management, order and inventory control and much more.


    Innovation continues...

    Peacocks continue to grow and innovate, as we continue to expand our family of Trusts throughout the UK, our customer centric culture develops very special behaviours where people really do matter.

Manufacturing excellence

Heritage and Innovation combined - Our team of highly skilled Technicians blend traditional craftsmanship with new, innovative technologies. Our range of market leading Orthotic footwear and AFO's are renowned for helping and enhancing patient comfort and movement. We combine this with prescriptive clinical excellence and care and exceptional service.

Many of these solutions are delivered at our 30,000 square foot workshop. Our highly-skilled technicians devise and deliver custom-made footwear and orthoses, using skill, prevision and the latest design and manufacturing technology.

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Our products portfolio affords us a marketing leading position. We pride ourselves in the expert knowledge of our team and the availability of product required by our customers and patients. The Peacocks procurement team has developed a world-wide network of contacts and therefore access's the best in both product and technology. With both made to measure and bought in stock solutions, we continuously strive to exceed customer expectations.

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We are Orthotics specialists

Our Orthotists are specialists in treating multiple orthopaedic conditions such as neuropathy, diabetes, hypermobility, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, pain management, elderly care and paediatrics. Our Nationwide teams work closely with Trust Partners to consistently deliver optimal patient outcomes.

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Pressure management and posturecare

Our custom made postural support provides solutions for pressure management, posture, mobility and staff handling.We work collaboratively with Wheelchair Services and Partner Trusts in a joint effort to resolve complicated postures.

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Our innovative customisable and adaptive Orthotic Practice Management software provides optimal clinical management and optimises time and patient care for our Trust Partners.

ClinicSmart is a comprehensive Orthotic Practice Management Solution tailored for modern healthcare needs. It covers all administrative aspects including clinic planning, appointments, orders, and inventory control. As the NHS shifts to a digital health service, ClinicSmart seamlessly integrates with upstream systems while prioritising user-friendliness and efficiency. Maximising patient face-time and while minimising administrative burdens through intuitive design. Continuously evolving, ClinicSmart stays updated with the latest best practices, ensuring optimal performance for clinics.

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Orthotic Practice Technology Solutions

With heritage and innovation comes growth - we're Nationwide.

Peacocks Medical Group has hubs and customers/patients throughout the UK.


Beyond the NHS we work within the private sector to supply patients with bespoke treatment and in-depth care plans.

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