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Working with the NHS

PMG’s philosophy of continuous improvement is inherent in how we work.

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Nimble, focused and ready

Peacocks Medical Group (PMG) are proud to be the biggest independent Orthotics business in the UK. Our structure and management style allows us to react to both opportunities and situations very quickly, with great focus and to deliver optimal positive outcomes. During the pandemic, PMG swiftly produced over 10,000 masks to support the NHS, demonstrating our rapid response to the crisis.

Our responsive prowess is a daily feature of the way we work and reflected in our preparation and reaction to the ever changing needs of our NHS Partners.

Improving the patient experience

Positive patient experience is key to our delivery of care. Improved patient satisfaction is always a significant measure of our success. We constantly survey and monitor not only our clinical performance but also the patient perception of our empathy and care. 

Both quantitative and qualitative data is continuously analysed and shared with our NHS partners. Furthermore, we continuously recognise where improvements can be made and enact them quickly to deliver an enhanced patient experience.

Patient outcomes

Streamlining customer relations and training for efficiency

We actively facilitate meetings between Trust Orthotists and our Manufacturing Team/Technicians to foster strong relationships with key contacts, while also establishing mutual understanding, standardisation of prescription protocols, and clarity on terminology.

Effective communication, standardisation, and collaborative working with customers are crucial for ensuring quality and efficiency, ultimately leading to the best outcomes for patients.

Upon onboarding new customers, PMG Clinicians participate in customer clinics, providing Orthotists from new customers with the opportunity to benefit from two training days at our Newcastle facility alongside our Clinical and Manufacturing Teams. This proactive approach has consistently shown to reduce queries, rework, and delays in delivering patient goods.

Optimising prescription collaboration for better patient care

During the initial meeting with new customer Orthotists, we will establish and document agreed protocols to ensure a unified understanding among all involved in the prescription process. This includes creating a referral guide and fostering a shared vision for device prescription and aesthetics.

The referral guide will encompass:

  • Standardised terminology and documentation for Orthotists/Technicians.
  • Clear procedures for handling queries, ensuring prompt resolution.
  • Prescription guidelines for optimal device outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Resources such as booklets and guides on device aesthetics.

Furthermore, our clinical facility adjacent to our manufacturing site allows us to accommodate patients and new customer Orthotists swiftly. This setup enables rapid turnaround for challenging or urgent prescriptions, leveraging the combined expertise of Orthotists and manufacturing specialists to provide efficient and high-quality solutions for complex needs.

Enhancing collaboration and performance in Orthotics manufacturing

Orthotists will have the option for video calls with PMG's manufacturing Team Leaders when a more interactive, visual demonstration is needed.

PMG maintains close collaboration with Orthotists to gather regular feedback on product quality, process efficiency, and prescription consistency.

We compile and analyse data and metrics to enhance performance, focusing on areas such as query resolution (target <2%), quality non-conformance (target <2%), and On Time in Full (OTIF) delivery performance (target >97%). By gathering insights from Orthotists and Technicians, we identify improvement opportunities and implement sustainable solutions, such as additional training.

NHS partnership for cost-effective solutions

PMG recognises the imperative for NHS services to save costs while upholding patient care standards. As a longstanding partner to the NHS since 1948, PMG is committed to supporting this effort by offering innovative solutions and cost efficiencies.

From the outset, we collaborate closely with our customers to foster ongoing service improvement through the development of a shared Continuous Improvement Service Plan (CISP). With a dedicated multi-functional team comprising Procurement, Clinical, and R&D specialists, PMG focuses on new product design, alternative material sourcing, and technological innovation. Our priority remains ensuring cost savings without compromising quality.

Clinical expertise for efficient solutions

We offer product rationalization and cost-effective product swaps, backed by clinical justification, to the service. If adopted, our Product Trainer, Tracey Rhodes, provides comprehensive training to Trust personnel on any new devices.

Additionally, our national Clinical Team is available to share expertise and best practices. They collaborate with your Clinicians and Trust AHPs to develop tailored clinical pathways, such as for patient diagnoses like Osteoarthritis of the Knee or plantar fasciitis. These pathways utilise products proven via collected data to enhance patient outcomes while being cost-effective.

PMG's commitment to value

Throughout our partnership with customers, PMG will conduct regular reviews of high-usage items and ordering patterns across our customer base. This enables us to identify opportunities for cost savings through bulk ordering and negotiated discounts with preferred suppliers, benefiting the service.

We will benchmark our existing supply base against NHS Supply Chain information to analyze item costs and explore alternative, lower-cost products available in the market. Where cost benefits are evident, PMG will utilize NHS Supply Chain.

Additionally, PMG can provide short-term Orthotist cover to Trusts, helping them avoid expenses associated with hiring expensive locums.

To ensure we meet cost targets, our monthly reporting will include 'value for money' metrics agreed upon with customers. These metrics will be audited quarterly during contract review meetings.

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