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The Clinic at Peacocks

Welcome to The Clinic at Peacocks, uniquely developed for a personalised one-to-one orthotic service.

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For your personal journey

We are a Private Clinic Specialising in full orthotic care. Our team of expert Orthotists and Clinicians deliver exceptional personal service, creating tailored treatment programs. Our treatments include MSK, Neurology, Paediatrics and Trauma Patients. Importantly, you always remain at the centre of care throughout your journey at The Clinic.

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Your pathway to wellness

Your personal Orthotic journey deserves the insight and care only The Clinic at Peacocks delivers. We understand the importance of restoring your quality of life, whether it's part of a short term program or long-term treatment. Our team utilises the latest technologies and the very best in product selection to ensure precision and effectiveness in every aspect of your care. We collect up-to-date measurements and clinical data, staying ahead of your personal journey and evolving needs. Moreover, our close partnership with suppliers ensures seamless access to the best resources, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for your well-being.

Tailored treatment plans

Our commitment to personalised care shines through with our 'Tailored Treatment Plans.' Meticulously crafted for your individual health needs, preferences and goals. All plans are designed through comprehensive assessments and consultations.

We are dedicated in facilitating a seamless and supportive healthcare experience. With priority access to care we proactively assist your personal journey to recovery at every stage of treatment. We accept many funding pathways where possible, including self funded, case managers or insurance partnerships.

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For you the medical professional

Our medical professionals are dedicated to achieving the same treatment goals as you. Our collaborative approach ensures that your needs are at the forefront of every decision. We work closely with Allied Health Professionals (AHP) to deliver comprehensive care tailored to your unique requirements.

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Trust our expertise for legal matters. We collaborate with solicitors, lawyers, and case managers, offering tailored solutions such as Expert Witness Reports, Immediate Needs Assessments, and more. Our clinical team provides expert advice, acts as an authoritative voice in court, and ensures the resolution of your claim responsibly.

Ensuring as always the patient is at the centre of our treatment and care.

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Private enquiries

Enter your email address below, and someone will be in touch for private enquiries or collaborations. Your privacy is our priority.

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“Ever since I discovered Peacocks Private Clinic, my journey to reclaiming mobility has been nothing short of remarkable. Their seamless and efficient processes have made the entire experience straightforward and stress-free. The personalised care I received was beyond exceptional, tailored to my unique needs. Thanks to Peacocks Private Clinic, I'm now on a path to renewed mobility and well-being. Highly recommend their top-notch services!”

Tom Logitvik

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